The assistant who handed Alec Baldwin a gun had already been the target of several complaints

The assistant who handed Alec Baldwin a gun had already been the target of several complaints

David Halls is described as a carefree person. There are also allegations of sexual harassment.

The actor fired the shot without knowing the gun was loaded.

There is news of the death of Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer who was shot by actor Alec Baldwin while filming Rust. According to CNN, David Halls was the assistant director who turned the gun over to Baldwin – and who assured him that it was safe even though it wasn’t loaded.

The American television station spoke to two industry experts who worked with David Hall. The two sources report that there have been complaints about the disregard of safety protocols on the use of weapons and the effects of pyrotechnics.

One of the people who spoke to “CNN” was pyrotechnics expert Maggie Goll. In 2019 he worked with David Hall on the series “Into the Dark”. Goll claims Hall failed to hold safety briefings. In addition, he did not tell the team when there was a firearm on the set that violated the protocol.

The other person was even involved in the movie “Rust”. The anonymous source stated that safety briefings with David Hall were always short, as the deputy director argued that the guns were always the same.

David Hall also reportedly complained about a professional inspection of a gun that an actress would use to straighten her own head – and the goal was even to fire a shot during the scene.

Other cases of David Hall’s devaluation of danger are mentioned. In one situation, the professional insisted on shooting again during a major storm. There were power cables in the rain and there were team members who feared for their own physical safety.

There have also been complaints about David Hall’s sexually inappropriate behavior. “On my first day back on the show, a staff member told me to be ‘careful’ with Dave and said that he was very familiar with the team physically and that he had a lot of rejections and complaints about unwanted and unnecessary touches on his back, his waist, his shoulders, etc. ”explained Maggie Goll to“ CNN ”.

The pyrotechnics expert has reportedly personally complained to executive producers at Blumhouse Productions. He also informed the directors union. “As far as I know, nothing was done after my complaints.”

The police investigation continues and no one has been charged with a crime. Alec Baldwin made a statement at the police station on the day of the accident and is working with the authorities. The actor reacted to what happened on social media, revealing that he was “unhappy” after the “tragic accident”. Also read NiT’s article on Halyna Hutchins’ career.

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