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The artist mixes 46 Disney characters with big names in pop culture

The artist Samuel Chevé came up with the great idea of ​​merging Disney characters with other great figures in pop culture.

46 successful mergers

The concept is based on taking characters with close similarities such as a pose, ability or personality together in order to mix them up and create a new work of impressive realism. Samuel Chevé first looks for a starting point for his creations. He also explains it to us: “I like to find a concept in the story before I start working”.

1) Elsa and Hela

2) Jack Jack and baby Yoda

3) BOB (Mr. Indestructible) and Arthur (the Joker)

4) Violet and Harley Quinn

5) Shank and Diana (Wonder Woman)

6) Anna and Gamora

7) Elsa and Rey

8) Kristoff and Thor

9) Anna and Natasha (Black Widow)

10) Flynn and Loki

11) Flyn and Peter (Spider-Man)

12) Elsa and Carol (Captain Marvel)

13) Vaiana and Brunehild (The Valkyrie)

14) Edna and praying mantis

15) Kristoff and Peter (Star-Lord)

16) Arrow and Peter (Spider-Man)

17) Kristoff and Steve (Captain America)

18) Lucius (Frozone) and Heimdall

19) Agdar and Steve (Captain America)

20) Flynn and John Wick

21) Elsa and Wanda (the scarlet witch)

22) Shank and Diana (Wonder Woman)

23) Anna and MJ

24) Vanellope and Morgan

25) Flynn and Bucky (Winter Soldier)

26) Anna and Pepper

27) Jack Jack and Baby Groot

28) Anna and Jennifer (Miss Hulk)

29) Violet and Shuri

30) Raccoon and Rocket

31) violets and mist

32) Hélène (Elastigirl) and Carol (Captain Marvel)

33) Barley and Peter (Star-Lord)

34) Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Superman

35) Lucius (Frozone) and T’Challa (Black Panther)

36) Kristoff and Steve (Captain America)

37) Ralph and Happy

38) Flynn and Tony (Iron Man)

39) Violet and Gamora

40) Elsa and Gwen

41) Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Thanos

42) Flynn and Johnny

43) Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Hulk

44) Hélène (Elastigirl) and Hela

45) Violet and Wanda (Scarlet Witch)

46) Ian and Peter (Spider-Man)


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