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The Anjos70 team has moved to a larger space in Marvila

The Anjos70 team has moved to a larger space in Marvila

They serve meals, organize concerts, DJ sets, markets and stage performers. The site will also have a terrace and restaurant.

The room has been operational since September.

Ten years ago, in 2012, Feira das Almas began to become a reference in the city of Lisbon, at number 70 of the Regueirão dos Anjos. The space became known as the Taberna das Almas and still hosted concerts among many other cultural initiatives.

The project evolved into Anjos70 in 2017, maintaining the identity and nature of the activities that took place there – from markets to shows, through themed parties, workshops and other initiatives. At the same time, you could have dinner or a drink in space, for example.

In June 2020, the creator of Feira das Almas, Catarina Querido, left the association NCR – Núcleo Criativo do Regueirão, which manages the space, and the remaining members changed their name from Anjos70 to Núcleo A70 – who worked during the pandemic between June 2020 and January last year. Catarina Querido continued to organize her regular market there.

Later it became known that the building in Anjos had been sold by the owner. A year later, Catarina Querido continues to use the space to organize markets and keeps the name Anjos70.

“We are entering 2022 with good news: we will continue the market in Regueirão dos Anjos. The date of departure from the building is not final, so the market will be held twice a month (first and third weekend) for at least a few more months and there may be space for more events. In the meantime, we are working with the Arroios Municipal Council and finding alternatives for the future of Anjos70, which intends to remain in the Anjos/Arroios area,” reads the project page in a publication shared on Jan. 5.

The new space of the A70 Core

The names can cause some confusion: Catarina Querido continues to use the name Anjos70, the rest of the team has changed to Núcleo A70, although many continue to refer to them by the old name. It is certain that physically they are already far away.

After several months of intensive searching, the association, whose management currently consists of Susana Rechestre, Manuel Rechestre and Miguel Baltazar, has found a warehouse in Marvila, where they have made their new home since September.

The concept stays with Anjos: The A70 Center has a social room, workshops for the resident artists, a bar and also a number of new facilities. In addition to much more space, there are two dedicated rooms for artistic performances (one larger and one smaller).

Meals are served at the bar: the lunch menu from Monday to Friday includes coffee, soup, main course and dessert. It costs €8.90. The idea is to open a proper restaurant and they are working on having a terrace soon.

Much of the furniture, staff, and artists are the same. Estúdio Bulhufas, Ad Studio, Oficina Loba or the artists Andrea Paz, Raha Ansari, João Alves, Madalena Pequito, Florence Champ, Eduardo Calvo and Elizabeth Prentis remain residents according to “Time Out Lisboa”. Eliana Tomaz and Maria Frade-Correia are new to this list.

The program, open to the public, includes cinema sessions, jam sessions and markets. You can check it out on the project’s Instagram page. With the exception of the markets, entry is still exclusive to members – but anyone can join with an annual fee of €2.

The room is open from 12pm to 2am on weekdays and from 5pm to 2am on weekends. Some specific initiatives may have different schedules and separate tickets.


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