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The anatomical drawing lessons from this Thai teacher are breathtaking

Drawing a human body is not the easiest thing, and it takes years of practice to get a correct result. There are so many shapes, proportions, muscles, and bones in our bodies that it takes an incredible knowledge of human anatomy to depict them on paper. But there is Wannarit Karin, who is a hit with these breathtaking anatomical drawing lessons.

When art meets medicine

Wannarit Karin is a Thai artist who founded the ART of Anatomy Academy. The latter has mastered the techniques of anatomical drawing so well that he decided to pass on his knowledge to art students.

In her drawings, Karin highlights the most complex parts of the human body with incredible precision, from tendons and joints to muscle tissue.

Wannarit Karin teaches two courses: the first aims to give students an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and to untangle the parts that are most difficult to depict. The second is titled “Drawing the Head” and consists of practicing drawing a human face from a doll. Again, you need a good knowledge of the structure of the face, taking into account light and shadow.

In Wannarit Karin’s classes, art meets medicine.

As a reminder: Thanks to the knowledge of human anatomy and anatomical drawing, many artists were able to excel in classical painting. In addition, the greatest painters in history such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo or even Rembrandt have examined the human body and even participated in dissections to perfect their art!


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