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the Amazon series is finally being revealed with a first official image and release date

One of the most anticipated series of the moment, The Lord of the Rings series, after several months of innuendo, is finally beginning to reveal. Today we discover the first official image of the series, as well as the release date.

A terrific picture

The next few months and years will be incredibly rich for fantasy fans. With the Witcher’s second season revealed with a promising trailer, our eyes are on the House of the Dragon series, the first spin-off of the Game of Thrones phenomenon, and the Lord of the Rings series. who have favourited Amazon Prime Video is preparing.

Since its announcement, Amazon has maintained a thick cloud of mysteries around its fantasy series, adapted from the work of writer JRR Tolkien. At the moment we don’t know the official title, Amazon is mainly communicating about the extremely high budget that is dedicated to the series.

After filming for the first season has finally been completed, Amazon has finally released the first official picture from the Lord of the Rings series in a press release.

We see a figure dressed in white that was filmed in a wide angle shot and we see a huge and majestic city in the background.

The Lord of the Rings series, shot in New Zealand, seems to have the same aesthetic as the two Peter Jackson film trilogies. If you rely on this single image, the series should convince a good part of the audience, at least in terms of its sets.

Amazon also uses its press release to name a release date: You can discover the Lord of the Rings series from September 2, 2022 for the price of one episode per week.

Given that we are currently ignoring the launch window for the HBO series House of the Dragon, it is not known whether the two series will compete, although the Warner Group broadcaster has a strategically vested interest in ensuring its Fantasy -Series will not run at the same time as Amazon, in order to guarantee the full attention of the press and audience for each studio.

We are very excited to discover this new series and of course we will pay attention to the smallest information about it. Also, don’t hesitate to take a look at the cast of the series, which was announced a few months ago.


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