The actor signed for a legendary film starring zombies

As we recently learned, Colin Firth has agreed to play a role in a different production than we are used to. Let’s go back to the high hopes we already have for this film and the qualities of Colin Firth who could make this highly anticipated film an extraordinary one.

Colin Firth in some films

Colin Firth has distinguished himself in many films through his very diverse roles in the saga Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Nanny Mcphee, A Single Man, The King’s Speech (for which he received an Oscar) or even his role as Harry Hart in Kingsman .

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If there was one register the Oscar winner was unfamiliar with, it was one that contained zombies. It appears Colin Firth decided to remedy the situation by taking on a role in a long-awaited adaptation that promises to become a legendary film when released.

The next movie we’ll see Colin Firth in

Here’s the latest news: Colin Firth signed up to appear in New York. Will Eat You Alive. This film is based on a digital comic book, Zombie Brother. The adapted animated series has already garnered more than 3.7 billion views in two full seasons, while there is an age limit (prohibited for anyone under the age of 17). We therefore understand why filming has been considered for some time.

Besides, what’s the summary of this comic? The story we are following takes place in the city of H, where the water point was contaminated by an old coffin. People who drink this water turn into zombies who eat others to evolve (Stranger Things Way last season). Todd Strauss-Schulson will be responsible for producing this brand new adaptation.

Todd Strauss-Schulson will work with Tencent, Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, Peter Kiernans Free Association, Ged Doherty from Above The Line Productions and Adam Fogelson, head of STXfilms.

We have always wanted to present this in a way that brings the source material to life and increases the action. The best way to do this is to hire Colin Firth. (…) Colin always gives an Oscar performance of the king’s speech to Kingsman. We look forward to seeing him again in New York. Will Eat You Alive with a role that allows him to have fun while showing off his unwavering humor and comedic timing.

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