the 7 biggest scandals in the history of the platform


For many people (including the author of these lines), Twitch has been a liberating platform during those long months of imprisonment. It was sometimes liberating to watch another person do something that interests us, to interact with them, even artificially. And when a platform makes it possible to bring people together, discover trends and make money, a lot of controversy inevitably comes to the fore, be it the fault of streamers, viewers or the platform itself. Whatever the reason, the scandal becomes always be there. Here are seven examples of the platform’s biggest controversies.

# 1 Content of a sexual nature

Nothing better to tease the heat than a nice muscular chest or a nice pair of breasts. And Twitch got it right. Lately, the hot tube videos have been controversial, even forcing the platform to create a special category for them instead of banning the content. The platform declares that hot tubes are not sexual content. This of course gives money to the creator and the platform and not only delights the viewer.

However, Twitch does not tolerate pornographic content, and videographers have already paid the price. Some who showed their genitals or simulated live sex acts, such as Smash Bros. pro player Melee Mango, were banned from the platform for 30 days. All of this has sparked an old debate about how easy it is for kids to access internet porn, accusing streamers and Twitch of the evil …

# 2 Removing content

If you are a platform that keeps growing, it inevitably attracts the attention of companies that lack copyright. If Twitch removes a lot of infringing videos overnight, there’s enough to infuriate more than one content creator. This even goes as far as the disappearance of the Twitch Sings mode, allowing streamers to sing karaoke along with the most famous songs. Starting January 1, 2021, any live or clip of music that is not copyrighted will be sanctioned or deleted. At the same time, a prison was set up on the Internet where the community invited Twitch to reflect on its guidelines.

# 3 stream hack

We told you about Ninja, the most famous Fortnite streamer in the world, in a previous article. He recently had a rant explaining why he stopped playing his favorite game live. The latter is literally tracked down by onlookers eager to chain him to death because they can see where he is. A practice that has been slightly toned down by the presence of diffusion delay, but remains very popular, especially with MMORPGs.

# 4 Politicians get involved

You can think what you want from the media and politics, but it is extremely difficult to communicate with a whole segment of the population who don’t read you, don’t listen to you, or don’t look at you. Therefore, the politicians did not wait for Samuel Etienne to take possession of the Twitch tool. However, the latter recently sparked the controversy by in turn wishing to invite Fran├žois Hollande, Jean Castex and Marine Le Pen. While disagreeing and believing that everyone should be heard, the former host of Questions to a Champion has suffered a great surge of hatred from those who believe that Twitch should remain neutral and not present politicized ideals. Every appearance by politicians on the platform has only gritted our teeth and rekindled the debate.

# 5 The wrong one disabled

Some streamers notice that there is money to be made on Twitch and don’t hesitate to play the sensitive chord to make more money. The streamer Zilian OP is known for his well-done scam. Player in a wheelchair and “officially” unable to walk, he received more than $ 20,000 in his stream, including 8,000 in support of his handicap. Until one day he forgets to unplug his camera, he quietly gets up from his chair and walks away … Fortunately, all donors have been reimbursed and his channel is shut down.

# 6 Swatting

Swatting is a “joke” that has gained momentum since falling victim to it on Twitch. It’s very simple: when swatting, the police are called (SWATT in the US, which gave the practice its name) and taken to a streamer home to arrest them. It happened in France, particularly with streamer Bibix, who fell victim to live swapping. The problem with this is that, for the most part, the interventions are quite violent as they are specialized intervention forces that are mobilized and have heavy firearms in hand. This affects both the police, who are losing time, money and credibility, as well as the streamer, as the investigation to be filed and the finding and evaluation of the little joker can take a long time.

# 7 manipulation of children

In addition, viewers play an important role in Twitch controversy, especially when they fall victim to easily manipulable people like children. Malicious viewers have already pretended to be supporting the platform to force a child who has been streaming peacefully to take all sorts of weird actions to fix their life … like removing system32, an integral part of the pc, and then spreading butter on the keyboard, followed by water to put the battery in the microwave …