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The 6th installment in this hyper-lucrative Universal franchise finally has a release date

The 6th installment of this famous Universal franchise has just been released. A huge blow to the studio as it is the most lucrative animated franchise in history.

the highest-grossing anime franchise in history

So this is a famous franchise that will return to the big screen alongside Universal Studios. The American studio is one of the most lucrative majors in the film industry with brilliant names like Jurassic Park and World, Fast and Furious or Shrek.

A few years ago, Fast and Furious 7 and Jurassic World had exploded at the box office, bringing the studio cumulative revenues of $5.53 billion. It alone accounted for 28% of the 2015 film market in the United States. A historic performance since 1999 and Disney.

Another franchise also celebrates Universal’s heyday when one of its feature films is brought to the screen: The Despeciable Me, or better known as Moi, Moche et Méchant in French. Its main character Gru has already made $3.7 billion in sales since 2010 and the publication of the first work. The saga, which includes three films plus a spin-off dedicated to the incorrigible Minions (Les Minions in 2015), is the most lucrative animated franchise in history.

A sixth opus on the way

Obviously Universal doesn’t want to stop at such a goose egg as Despicable Me 4 has been announced and will be officially released on July 23rd, 2024. The date has just been announced by Illumination and Universal Studios.

So what do we currently know about this 4th installment in the franchise? In September 2017, Christopher Meledandri, the major head of Illumination Studios, said in an interview with the Bloomberg website that a fourth work was in development: “We have a fantastic story. We’re not out of breath yet.” A rather evasive teaser that hasn’t been expanded with new information about its scenario since. On the other hand, we know that Steve Carell will always be in the US voice (and Gad Elmaleh usually in VF).

If there is nothing left to eat at the moment, we know that the release of the next opus, Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru, is scheduled for July 6, 2022 in France. As for the story, it will tell the origins of Gru and his encounter with the Minions when he was young. A perfect spin-off to warm up and learn more about Gru while awaiting the release of Despicable Me 4.


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