The 5 Best and Kindest Anime Characters of All Time

Anime is a popular form of animation that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for decades. This Japanese art form is packed with tons of characters who add more spark to your experience, thus leaving you with the urge for more.

However, the most beloved anime characters are those who go out of their way to help others, no matter what the cost. Nothing can really beat the kindness of these gentle characters who are ready to put their life at stake for others. Are you searching for some of them? Here’s a list of the 5 kindest anime characters of all time. Check them out here!!

What is Anime?

Before you get into the character list, let’s first understand what anime actually is to get a better understanding of the same. Anime is a popular Japanese animation style that typically features colorful and stylized characters and settings.

Its popularity has spawned numerous adaptations in other countries, with fans of all ages enjoying its unique mix of high fantasy, action, and comedy.

The most favorite anime characters are those who offer kindness and support to their fellow characters or those who go out of their way to help others in need.

Top 5 Kindest Anime Characters

So, are you ready to explore the list of the 5 kindest anime characters of all time? Scroll down the page to the end and find out the inspirational characters who think of others before themselves even during the toughest times.

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1. Tanjira Kamado

Featured in the anime Demon Slayer, Tanjira Kamado is unarguable the kindest and the most honorable anime character of all time.  He always puts others first and goes out of his way to help people.

Tanjira is also very brave and always stands up for what he believes in. He is an excellent role model with a heart of gold.

2. Luffy

Luffy is without a doubt one of the kindest anime characters. In a world where pirates are typically depicted as outlaws and villains, Luffy is the complete opposite. He is always willing to help out his friends and strangers, no matter what the cost, and he never hesitates to put others before himself.

Luffy is also incredibly brave and loyal, never backing down from a fight even if he knows he’s outnumbered. These qualities make him an enormously likable person and he consistently ranked as one of the most popular characters of all time.

3. Shouko Nishimiya

There are a few characters in anime that have mastered the art of kindness. One of them is Shouko Nishimiya from the manga and anime series – A Silent Voice.

Shouko is a young girl who was born with congenital amusia, which means she has difficulty hearing. This leaves her feeling isolated and alone until she meets her best friend in school, Shuichi Kamiya.

Throughout the series, Shouko demonstrates her ability to be kind and understanding towards others, even when they don’t deserve it.

4. Izuku Midoriya

There are so many kindest anime characters out there, but Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia) is definitely one of the best. Izuku is a talented young man with a great sense of justice.

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He is willing to help those in need, making him an amazing role model for kids everywhere. Izuku is a strong and kind warrior with lots of diligence and selflessness.

5.  Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro from Food Wars is one of the kindest anime characters of all time. She always tries to be helpful and friendly, even to her enemies. Megumi is also very intelligent and has a lot of knowledge about various things.

She was one of the most disliked and annoying characters in the beginning, owing to her clumsy nature. But later, she started to trust herself by being kind and polite to everyone.


It can be tough to find the perfect anime character for your liking, especially when there are so many great ones out there. But in the end, we all have to decide what type of personality and characteristics we want our anime favorite to embody.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the kindest anime characters of all time, based on their actions and words. Hopefully, by reading through this guide, you will have a better understanding of who might be a good fit for you as an anime fan. For more such updates, you can stay tuned with us.

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