The 5 Biggest Problems With ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’

Avatar: The Approach Of Water is lastly right here. The sequel to James Cameron’s box-office smash hit comes roughly 13 years after the unique movie hit theaters and began a large 3D pattern that fizzled out within the intervening years.

Cameron as soon as once more pushes the tech envelope in Avatar 2, providing up the crispest, most astonishingly clear 3D I’ve ever seen. However whereas the particular results are gentle years past anything, the movie itself—as a murals and storytelling—leaves a lot to be desired.

Listed here are the 5 greatest issues I had with Avatar: The Approach Of Water.

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1. The Story

The story—or lack thereof—is what drags down Avatar 2 probably the most. In some ways, it’s only a rehash of the primary movie’s plot, solely this time with extra Na’vi now that Jake has gone native. After all, the film takes place principally with the water Na’v as an alternative of the jungle Na’vi however in any other case it’s shockingly comparable. Jake and his household head to the water tribes for sanctuary as they’re being hunted by a bunch of navy Avatars, led by an Avatar model of Colonel Quaritch, hellbent on revenge.

Finally now we have yet one more large confrontation between the people and the Na’vi proper all the way down to the identical chief antagonist—solely taller and bluer this time round. Whereas some parts of the story are new since they take care of Sully and Neytiri’s youngsters and the water tribes, it’s principally a repeat in a brand new setting.

2. The Final Battle

Talking of that remaining confrontation, the massive battle on the finish of the movie is a large number. It’s method too lengthy and repetitive, and whereas there are some cool particular results and it’s form of enjoyable to see the tulkun whale participate within the fight, principally it simply dragged. Sully’s youngsters are captured twice—after having been captured earlier within the movie already! Having the children captured and rescued 3 times over the course of a single movie is simply dangerous writing. And what on earth—er, Pandora—occurred to the water Na’vi on the finish of the combat? Did they simply bail on Jake and his household or what?

3. The Runtime

The ultimate battle was too lengthy, however so was the remainder of the movie, which meandered slowly for its first two acts earlier than plunging us into the battle for the ultimate act. There’s merely no motive for this movie to run 3 hours and 12 minutes. The plot actually doesn’t justify it. The particular results and 3D would have been simply as fairly in 2 hours and 12 minutes. Avatar 2 might simply be lower by 45 minutes or extra, tightening up the tempo of the movie significantly. A whole lot of that might be within the remaining motion sequences. I actually appreciated the aquatic stuff, and particularly Lo’ak’s relationship with the outcast whale (extra on that in a second) so I wouldn’t lower any of that, however there are many different parts of the film that might be tightened up.

4. The Framerate

Whereas there’s no denying the visuals had been nice, I used to be a lot much less keen on the twin framerates used within the film. Transferring from 24 frames-per-second to 48fps is jarring. 48fps sounds good on paper, however to me it creates the ‘cleaning soap opera impact’ by making every thing seem too clear and unnaturally life like. It’s immersion-breaking and takes me proper out of the film. The aggressive digital zoom utilized in some scenes was additionally fairly off-putting.

5. The Dialogue

I can’t recover from how dangerous a lot of the dialogue was on this film, however particularly the dialogue among the many teenagers. The overuse of the phrases ‘bro’ and ‘cuz’ was terrible and distracting. The Na’vi bullies had been additionally method too cliched. Lastly, the conversations between the Na’vi and the tulkun whales had been somewhat ridiculous. A whale asking an alien girl about her being pregnant is only a bridge too far for me when it comes to suspending my disbelief. Absolutely there was a greater method to painting these conversations.

Bonus: The Outcast

Talking of which, the whale that No’ak befriends is taken into account an outcast by the Na’vi and his tulkun brethren. This . . . all feels tremendous awkward in execution. The water tribe treats the whale like a assassin as a result of there’s this story that he killed his personal variety. However in a imaginative and prescient, No’ak sees that basically he simply tried to combat the people who killed his mom. Apparently that is nonetheless motive sufficient to outcast the poor lonely whale, which simply appears . . . very unusual. I suppose whereas I believed having hyper-emotional and clever whales is a cool idea, making them so human-like was a mistake. Having a tradition with outcasts and rigidly enforced pacifism the place even a toddler will be banished for combating again towards his mom’s killers . . . jogs my memory of the merciless Harfoots in The Rings Of Energy, who declare that “no one walks alone” proper after leaving the sick and weak and aged behind.

In any case, I made a video about this as properly which you’ll be able to watch under. What did you consider the film?

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