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The 4K version is full of images that keep fans apart

As we wait impatiently for the Amazon Prime video series in Middle-earth, Peter Jackson’s iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy features a 4K version that is revealed a little more with lots of new images.

A 4K version that shares

If entertainment cinema can count on many extremely high quality cinema hits (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, etc.), the Lord of the Rings trilogy is undoubtedly the most unanimous. Real successes at the global box office, the three films have received critical acclaim and can count on a particularly loyal fan base. The Lord of the Rings is a guarantee of the quality of the films and the saga that has earned the most Oscar in cinema.

Given the immense success of the Peter Jackson trilogy, it’s no wonder a 4K version of The Lord of the Rings is coming out soon. We told you about it last October after Sean Austin, Sam Gamegie’s interpreter, made a video presentation of the project. As the set’s release date is fast approaching, several images of the films have appeared on the internet in 4K.

Here are more pictures of the Rohirrim cargo, a key moment in the third film!

While the box set will no doubt make a wonderful Christmas present, fans are divided over this revamped version.

Dreaming a Lord of the Rings in 4K? ud83d ude0d

Well that’s going to happen soon!

Peter Jackson is working hard to render the Lord of the Rings in 4K! ud83d ude0d ud83d ude0d

(Sean Astin announced it ud83d ude09) pic.twitter.com/Q2ZUVGFsr9

November 29, 2020

The 4k remaster of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is insane. We rediscover every shot. All details are sublimated. The Atmos soundtrack amplifies everything. It’s a very big achievement.

3rd December 2020

After the disastrous 4K version of Terminator 2, the Lord of the Rings is also entitled to its crude Instagram filter. It’s not just a question of image quality, it’s a complete overhaul and distortion. https://t.co/sQyTejbecA

November 26, 2020

I will never understand this desire (very Anglo-Saxon) to always “correct” your work, sometimes years later.

The finished film is the bearer of a vitality that also exists in its imperfections … That makes it unique …

Long live imperfect works ud83d ude4c ud83c udffb https://t.co/BB6oUetwA7

November 27, 2020

Note, however, that Peter Jackson himself prepared a video for this 4K version that he obviously staged. The video is available on the Warner Group YouTube page.

The trilogy box “Lord of the Rings” set in 4K will be available from December 16 for 109.99 euros. You can pre-order the box by clicking here.


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