The 34 cm Hedwig is getting more and more attractive prices


With Prime Days you can purchase interesting products at attractive prices, but it is also possible to find products at ever lower prices. Such is the case with this LEGO Harry Potter package, in which we find a collectible Hedwig of about eight inches enjoying a new reduction.

a collecting owl

The days go by and the prices of some products keep falling. Such is the case with this LEGO Harry Potter set, in which we find a Hedwig, the owl of the hero of the saga, with a wingspan of 34 cm. A collector’s item that will delight fans of JK Rowling’s work shelves and windows. The side length from head to tail is 20 centimeters. To top it off, you can use a crank at the base of the owl to move its wings up and down.

With a little elbow grease, this owl can appear larger than life. An exhibition model that inspires young and old alike. This 14-inch wingspan Hedwig has a letter between her claws indicating that it contains good news that has meaning in popular culture’s most famous wizarding school: Hogwarts. And this LEGO set has seen another price drop thanks to an unexpected reduction. So this LEGO Harry Potter set is now available at a price of € 31.21.

3 good reasons to crack:

A 34 cm tall LEGO Hedwig A collector’s item that will delight young and old

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