the 2 free spins of the week are available and need to be picked up urgently


Each week, Epic Games offers one or more games through its Epic Games Store. Last week the heads of the players were put to the test, this week it will be more heterogeneous. And for good reason, they offer two games, two very different titles. However, these are still free so anyone can try them out now.

two free spins until July 15th

As of now, anyone with an Epic Game Store account can get their hands on the two free games of the moment. The first is none other than Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, a crossover between the famous bridge building game and the saga The Walking Dead, the series of which is about to end. The opportunity for players to use strategy and reflection to successfully master the challenges ahead. The second free game of the week is called Ironcast. Ironcast takes you back to the Victorian era when giant mechas defended England in the 1880s. You have to command your machine to defeat the invaders. Two titles available until July 15th at 5:00 p.m.

Bridge Builder: The Walking Dead

In Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, you will become one of the last survivors of a zombie-infested world, that of The Walking Dead. It’s up to you to build bridges and other infrastructure so your troops can survive while the wasteland teems with danger. You will team up with the saga’s favorite characters, such as Michonne, Eugene or the much-loved Daryl. It’s up to you to create safe routes for your vehicles and your fellow travelers. But be careful, you need to study the level carefully to use at least the elements in front of you.

For example, you will need to use explosives and bait to lure drags into deadly traps. A remarkable title that will delight both lovers of the original version of Bridge Constructor and fans of The Walking Dead. Two elements that collide in order to breathe life into a noticeable crossover and, above all, to be temporarily free. It’s up to you to add it to your library if you’ve interested before why not give it a try.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is available until July 15th, 5pm here.

cast iron

In Ironcast, players travel to Victorian England in the 1880s to discover mechas and fights that are a little atypical. This illegitimate child from Candy Crush appears to be asking players to create attack lines or defense symbols. Depending on the symbols used, the effects are different. Turn-based strategic combat that invites players to think to act. Actions should change depending on the opponent.

Ironcast has a “rogue-lite campaign mode where death is final but keeps rewards from session to session”, “beautiful hand-painted graphics” and “a steampunk vibe with Victorian science fiction”. Each victory also allows you to pillage your enemies by getting your hands on new technology to incorporate into your machines. In addition, your Ironcast can be personalized with up to 50 unlockable items.

Ironcast will be available right here through July 15, 5:00 p.m.


As always, we remind you that there may be problems picking up the game from the Epic Games Store. Do not worry ! We need to be interested in two-factor authentication. All you have to do is activate it. Here are the steps to do this:

Log into your account on the Epic Games Store website and go to Settings Click on the “Password & Security” tab Enable Two-Factor Authentication Choose from Authenticator or Email Authentication – Mail or SMS depending on your preferences

The next free games have already been announced and are Obduction and Offworld Trading Company.