the 15 strongest quirks in the anime


My Hero Academia has established itself as one of the most popular manga in recent years over time. For good reason, the universe created by Kôhei Horikoshi depicts a world where incredible superheroes face terrible villains on a daily basis. Doesn’t that remind you of something? Yes, we can’t blame you for connecting with the heroes of Marvel as the manga has such a large cast of characters, each with their amazing superpowers.

These 15 quirks are considered to be the most powerful of them all

In the universe of My Hero Academia, these gifts acquired at birth, which make it possible to fight or even sow evil, are known as “old age”. Not everyone has one and, most importantly, not all are equal in use. So that you can see it better, here are the 15 quirks that are considered to be the most powerful to ever appear in anime.

To create this ranking, we used various tops from existing fans on the web. This will therefore not be suitable for everyone. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your favorite ages in the comments if you think they deserve to appear on this list and make it more complete!

15) Creation (Momo Yaoyorozu)

Momo Yaoyoruzu certainly has one of the most incredible A-second quirks that allows her to materialize anything as long as it’s not alive. Its potential is then immeasurable, especially since it can change the properties of objects that are supposed to give them new capabilities. Yaoyoruzu can therefore create weapons in real time, or any other weapon that allows him to use the situation to his advantage.

14) Compress (Mr. Compresses)

Here’s a new example of an ultra-efficient age that doesn’t seem that big after all. With Compress, the villainous Atsuhiro Sako can capture absolutely everything / who in tiny marbles. In this way, he can quickly and efficiently store objects or hijack his targets. Once caught in it, they become completely powerless. In fact, he could then do what he wanted to them, even lose them …

13) explosion (Katsuki Bakugo)

Bakugo’s character isn’t the only explosive thing about him. His quirk is the same. Thanks to him, he can create huge explosions, excited by the sweat of his hands. His power is already impressive and will certainly continue to grow as the apprentice learns to master his quirk.

12) Ice and Fire (Photo Todoroki)

Shoto Todoroki’s quirk is a powerful and versatile weapon. It is actually the amalgamation of the two powers inherited from his parents. The right part of his body then allows him to create abundant ice while the left calls for a stream of destructive flames. Endeavor has successfully made his bet: to find a mother who can offer her son the ultimate alternative.

11) Creation of portals (Black Mist)

If Black Mist is such an important character to the Villainous Alliance, it is because he has a rare and unusual quirk. This gives him the opportunity to open portals in order to teleport beings or objects. His quirk is then very useful for escape, but can also be used offensively by closing a portal on your opponent or throwing him away from the battlefield.

10) Brainwashing (Hitoshi Shinso)

Hitoshi Shinso’s quirk allows him to take control of anyone he has had a word with. Those who are the target of his brainwashing remain conscious but are forced to obey the orders given to them. As powerful as this quirk may seem, it also has its weaknesses: Certain commands cannot be formulated by Hitoshi and their hold can be broken if too great a shock occurs.

9) copying (Neito Monoma)

How do you choose a single age when you live in a world that offers thousands of others? Neito Monoma has the answer. Have one that you can use to copy someone else’s. However, the copy age is not infallible. Neito Monoma is forced to contact his opponent in order to use his skills. In addition, they can only be kept in memory for a period of 5 minutes.

8) Foresight (Sir Nighteye)

Foresight is, quite simply, an incredible alternative that enables you to see into the future. Once a day, Sir Nighteye can read for an hour what will happen to a person in the future. He then uses it during his fights to anticipate his opponent’s blows and act accordingly. Until recently, his predictions were never wrong …

7) Dissolution (Tomura Shigaraki)

At the head of the “most dangerous age” category is undoubtedly Tomura Shigaraki. As the name suggests, disintegration turns everything that touches its wearer into dust. This ability is one of the deadliest in the anime, and even more so in the manga … to wear it you need to put the five fingers of your hand on your opponent. After that, the affected area becomes infected, gradually breaking open the target’s body.

6) black hole (number 13)

Trou Noir is definitely not an age for everyone. The power of this ability is so great that it dissolves absolutely everything in its path. The altar acts like a real vortex, transforming what it sucks into a molecular residue.

5) deletion (Shota Aizawa)

At least that was what it took to get the second A … Professor Aizawa, also known as the eraser head, has a very powerful advantage under his glasses. This allows him to temporarily neutralize the quirk of his target for a short time. In any case, the time when his opponent stays in his field of vision and the hero doesn’t blink his eyes particularly.

4) Overhaul (Kai Chisaki)

Overhaul is kind of the ultimate quirk that gives Chisaki the ability to do almost anything he wants. In principle, his quirk gives him the ability to break down matter and then reshape it. He can then destroy absolutely anything or even change its structure with a single touch of the hand, as he does with his surroundings or when he merges with other people. If Kai Chisaki had preferred the Hero’s Path to the Yakuza Path, he could even have used his quirk to help others heal their wounds and some of their illnesses.

3) One for All (Izuku Midoriya and All Might)

As the flagship of the series, the One For All was given by All Might to the young Izuku Midoriya. As a transmit power, it allows its host to inherit the power of all of its predecessors. In doing so, he acquires immeasurable strengths and physical abilities to which his body must logically adapt in order not to suffer the effects.

2) rewind (Eri)

The Altar of Eri will have worried him much, so much so is he possessed of rare and devastating abilities. Among other things, it allows you to reset everything to an earlier level. Kai Chisaki will also use it to remove quirks from certain heroes. According to him, Rewind would be so powerful that it could bring a person back to the phase in which they did not yet exist, which would have fatal consequences.

1) All for one (All for one)

The All For One is the altar of the archenemy of All Might. It allows you to monopolize other people’s quirk so that you can use it yourself. This power is limitless. Among other things, it offers the possibility of combining several stolen quirks at the same time during a fight and even transferring them to a third person.

Here we are at the end of this classification. As we’ve already explained to you, there are a large number of equally powerful quirks that also deserve to be featured on this list, such as: Dragon (Ryuko Tatsuma), Steel Wings (Hawks), Permeation (Lemillion), Dark Shadow (Fumikage Tokoyami), Vent (Inasa Yoarashi) … Anime fans have made their choices, however, and seem to have chosen to take advantage of certain quirks over their sheer strength.

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