The 10 new participants of “The Voice Portugal” – as seen by comedian Miguel Lambertini

The second round of blind trials for the ninth edition of “The Voice Portugal” aired this Sunday October 24th and ten participants were selected. Here’s what I learned about each of them and my appreciation for their style.

Pedro Tavares

He is 21 years old and comes from São Domingos de Benfica. I liked the style, “I’ve just come back from a road trip in a trailer and now I just go here to take part in ‘The Voice'”. He is a theater student at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. It’s the first year. He’d already taken a communication science course, but when he finished he realized that wasn’t his style … he really wanted to be in front of the camera.

He is from Aveiro and has lived in Lisbon since he was 18 when he went to college. Being on “The Voice” is a great test to understand your limits and to gain more experience and knowledge in the field of music. Pedro sang “Best Part”, handed over the four chairs to the mentors and decided to become part of Marisa Liz’s team.

Andrea Rio

He is 34 years old and comes from Faro. I liked the “Fado singer Oktoberfest” style and the emotion that the singer was able to convey with her voice. She was born in Boticas, is married and has two children. Nurse by training, but forever in love with fado. In 2012 Andreia and her husband, who is also a nurse, decided to work in Belgium because they could not find work in Portugal.

In Belgium he went straight to sing on the first weekend he was there. It was her husband who signed her up for “The Voice Belgique” in 2018. He loved the experience and was thrilled with his interpretation of the theme “Ó Gente da Minha Terra”. His biggest dream is to see his talent recognized in Portugal. Andreia turned all the chairs except for António Zambujos. Decided to stay with Marisa Liz’s team.

Inês Marques Lucas

He is 26 years old and comes from Oeiras. I really liked the “Khaleesi Mãe dos Dragões when she lived in Oeiras” style and the calm Inês conveyed. He is a graphic designer. The music started when she was five years old: her mother caught her praying to Baby Jesus and asking for a piano. Then he enrolled her in a music school to learn to play the piano. He later quit the piano and started playing the guitar. He also plays the mandolin and the flute.

His biggest dream is to have a studio full of instruments and to be able to play them all. To be on “The Voice” is an opportunity to keep making music. Inês sang “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and knocked all the chairs over. The young woman, who had already worked on “The Voice Portugal” in 2014 and was part of Marisa Liz’s team, chose Diogo Piçarra as her mentor this time.

Maria Mendonça

He is 22 years old and comes from Lisbon. He was already working in a law firm, but realized that he really wanted to dedicate himself to music. I liked the beta style of Lisbon and I think it was a great decision because such a voice was a waste of removing articles of the criminal code from the courts of this country Luis Roquette. Maria let the four mentors turn their chairs. António Zambujo has been blocked by Diogo Piçarra. Maria chose Marisa Liz.

Edson Daniel

He is 23 years old and comes from Loures. I liked the style of “James Earl Jones,” with a booming radio voice accompanying it. Edson has a really cool vibe and he filled the stage with his good mood. He is in the sophomore year of college in film, video, and multimedia communications. He also works part time in a coffee bar. He’s been in the music business for ten years. Plays piano and guitar for seven. The family likes to hear him sing, but they don’t see music as a job and a life’s work. They think it’s a hobby, but Edson wants to make music his life and show that he’s capable.

What he’s most proud of is that he released two singles with his performance. He believes the program can introduce him to the world of music, fulfill his dream, consolidate his career and be able to sing with great Portuguese and international artists. Edson sang “I Surrender” and only turned Aurea’s chair, so he was part of the singing team.

Ika (Franciska)

He is 16 years old and comes from Braga. I liked the “Bondgirl from the 60s” style, but with this claw from someone from the north who can start a “what, chabalo” at any time? Ika attended school at the Calouste Gulbenkian Conservatory of Music in Braga. After the exams she chose the violin as an instrument. But Ika didn’t like it very much. He attended the choir and had the opportunity to work with Portuguese and foreign conductors. She has already sung in the emblematic rooms of our country and also in the bathroom, at school, with her friends …

His father is to blame for this passion for music. Since she was little, she has remembered hearing her father play the guitar. She believes “The Voice” will help her grow as a singer and person. Ika sang “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, turned the four chairs and chose Aurea as a mentor.


He is 31 years old and comes from Alfornelos, but comes from Kazakhstan. Plays acoustic and electric guitar. I loved the Kill Bill Band style and basically everything about Lika’s acting. To paraphrase Vasco Palmeirim, “I don’t play with it anymore” is not enough to comment on the strength of this lady who, as if having recorded a cover of Nirvana wasn’t enough, still plays guitar solos as if it were there was no tomorrow. As for Lika.

In Kazakhstan, his true passion for music began at the age of 11 when his uncle taught him the first of the many chords he learned to play the guitar. He studied classical guitar for four years and founded the first rock band at the age of 14, all originals. Although he graduated from the University of Economics, music was his real passion and he soon entered Tchaikovsky Almaty Music College. He is proud to have recorded an album in the best studios in the world in Los Angeles. Lika sang “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. Only Diogo Picarra did not turn his chair. The young woman has decided to become part of Marisa Liz’s team.

Beatrice Cepeda

He is 15 years old and comes from Porto. I loved the “City London Executive” style and was jealous because these guys who sing and play the piano like that just wanted to slap them when they were only fifteen. Beatriz has been studying at the Conservatory for Music in Porto since she was six years old, has now moved to the tenth grade and plays the piano, drums and guitar. Her parents always supported her. Dad is your biggest fan. Nobody in the family is a musician, but Beatrice has always loved this art. Beatriz is the youngest participant in this issue. António Zambujo was the only one to turn the chair and the young woman stayed on the fado singer’s team.

João Neves

He is 34 years old. I liked the 16th century corsair style, but mostly the falsetto which showed great vocal capacity. He is from Porto, but has been in Lisbon for ten years, where he studied music. She has sung in different contexts, including in front of large audiences, mainly in Portugal, but also in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Spain. Participation in “The Voice” is an important step towards reaching a wider audience, expanding the circle and thus securing a little more future in this medium. Gaining would be the ultimate exponent of that exposure. João turned the four chairs, but Diogo Piçarra and António Zambujo were blocked. The musician chose Marisa Liz.

Mariana Rocha

He is 24 years old and comes from Ponta Delgada. I was very fond of the “4 Non Blondes” style, but I even loved the São Miguel pronunciation, which reminded me of my dear great-grandmother, Carmen, who also had that accent. I just didn’t sing that well. He is in his second year studying music business in London. During his studies at the conservatory he has been playing the violin and viola for nine years. He currently plays the piano and guitar. He also composes a bit of everything, more in the pop area.

At the age of 17 he came to Lisbon to try his luck as a musician. Then he spent a few months in Belgium, where he applied for a college (philosophy course) but did not enter. He was sad and decided to enroll in a music class. He attended college in London and is very happy with what he is learning and putting into practice. His biggest dream is to be able to make a living from music without having to worry about tomorrow. Mariana sang “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence and managed to turn the four chairs. The Azorean chose Aurea as a mentor.

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