The 10 most terrifying monsters in horror cinema

We had suggested the ten greatest beasts in cinema in a previous article, larger in size than celebrity. This time around, we’re continuing the momentum by bringing you ten monsters that, if the plot wasn’t in the characters’ favor, would be able to crush you and play with your bones right away. And since we are nice people, we even offer you two or three little tips in case you should ever come across them. The life is wonderful, is not it?

# 1 the xenomorphic queen (alien)

Obviously we wanted to talk about the alien saga. And of course we’re going to talk about the other cador of the title, Predator. But instead of depicting yet another picture of the basic Xenomorph, let’s look at the ultimate version: the Queen. A little gem of an extraterrestrial atmosphere. See instead: 4.5 meters high, four arms, retractable head under a spade plate like that of the Triceratops, able to get rid of their limbs like the lizard.

Fortunately, there is only one queen per colony as she is the most dangerous and devious of her kind. If you ever want to face her (no), we hope for you that you have better reflexes than her. Otherwise, just do it like in the game Alien: Isolation and throw everything into the room for me, which the freezing void takes care of.

# 2 the predators (Predator)

LePredator is obviously in the game when it comes to large and invincible movie monsters. The thing about them is that you can’t really call them movie freaks, but if we didn’t include them above, you’d be grumbling in the comments. The Predators are an alien civilization close to humans but much more powerful and technologically advanced. Technically, facing a predator is like being a resident of a pre-Columbian civilization watching the arrival of Spanish ships.

If you ever want to compete against him, you can play on his warrior and hunter side. If you want a 1-on-1 confrontation with the Gare du Nord, there is no doubt that the Predator will accept it and you can set a trap for it at this point.

# 3 the thing (it follows)

The It Follow thing is possibly the most original and my favorite. He’s a slow, very slow, immortal humanoid. But like a fan of Jojo’s bizarre adventure, this monster will never stop chasing you until it gets what it wanted, your death.

Its thing is that it is shared like a sexually transmitted disease and only tracks down the person who has coitus with you. As with a Pokémon, you can give it to someone else and that way remove it. You can move to Australia too and if it makes the trip you will be fine for a good six months.

# 4 the monsters (no sound)

I have a lot of affection for the creatures in Without a Noise. (A quiet place not to be confused with Don’t Breathe – the house of darkness which is also a very good horror film) They are animal monsters like an alien. Small peculiarity, they are blind, very sensitive to sound and have excellent hearing. After all, only if it fits the scenario because if the film had respected its opponents the main characters would have died a dozen times, but it’s a bit the case with all other horror films.

It’s a bit silly to say, but in the movie, humanity was almost wiped out by these living things in 2020. Creatures immobilized by a sound that is too high, like a radio or a television that is saturated … to wonder how no one has thought of it before.

# 5 the crawlers (The Descent)

Not one but several animals are in the spotlight! Much like goblins, falmers, wendigos, or any other thin white creature from the reference universe of your choice, crawlers are creatures presented by the film crew as cavemen who are used to dungeons. They have lost their sight, but have very developed hearing and a very developed smell. Director Neil Marshall describes them as “not very different from humans, because humans are the scariest”. If you fall into a crawling cavity like the six women in the movie, hold your lights, you’re going to need it.

# 6 the thing – the thing

Another well-known monster of horror cinema, just as classic as the others and no less deadly. A shapeshifter alien life form crashed in Antarctica. The 1982 John Carpenter film, but also Howard Hawks’ version (The Thing from Another World) are thrillers with a monster that is not very dangerous at first glance, but the ability to make a human face does not verifiable.

After that, it only attacks if it feels threatened and is not very different from an animal in itself. Well, then she has to choose not to assimilate all of life on earth … which she could be doing in just under 27,000 hours or three years. If ever in any doubt, do it like in the Carpenter movie: a little blood test and you’ll know WHO this thing is.

# 7 flu sou (that)

Some will say that flu-sou has no place in this article and we will understand them. The latter is in fact not what could be called a “powerful” monster, in fact, it is quite green. I only come back once every 27 years to feed myself on a sufficient amount of fear to satisfy him until the next time. But that’s the flu-sou-problem. He does not want his victims to die. It’s pretty fragile too. But their powers are interesting and play with fear and mind manipulation at a fairly high level, which can affect an entire village.

Even in its true form (a large spider, which is not very beautiful), the monster remains rather weak and easy to defeat. His ego is fragile and if you insult him, hurt his pride, he becomes weaker. And then he got stuck by a couple of kids, so …

# 8 Pazuzu (the exorcist)

I like him very much. Pazuzu is the likeness of a demonic unit who is able to play with his victim for an hour and a half before killing him. Pazuzu is … actually a cat. Suddenly it makes you believe that holy water is effective, suddenly it kills you. Until little Régine’s father (Regan in the original version) decides after carefully beating his daughter and absorbing the demon to commit suicide and taking her away.

That is, the true power of a millennial demon can be doubted if 1) he urges a father to commit suicide and 2) he takes possession of that father before his suicide and at the same time loses his life (his vessel).

# 9 Valak (incantation)

He comes back very often and that’s why we appreciate him. One of the most famous demons of Goetia (the “science” of invoking demons). Valac, Volac, Valu, Ualac, call it what you will, is a tenacious entity that the Conjuring saga seeks to highlight. His favorite phrase is always “Religion? I ate it”. Whether in Conjuring 2: The Enfield Case or The Nun, it is not that easy to get rid of him and his incarnations.

As is often the case with demons, the easiest way to get rid of them is to find out what’s holding them here and destroy them. Well that’s if you’re not obsessed …

# 10 entities (bird box)

You too, I like you a lot. With The Thing of The Thing, they are certainly the closest creatures to the Lovecraftian landscape. In Bird Box, it’s both simple and completely twisted. You must not see the monsters to survive. When your gaze meets hers, you get so angry that you seek all means to kill yourself. Without the noise, what we most welcome here is the originality of the concept and not the ability of the beasts, which in the end we don’t know much about.

If something like this happened in the movie, it would be enough to rob yourself of your eyes. Otherwise, you can just live in a safe place. A house without a blade, without anything.

Many famous monsters did not meet our criteria. So we’ve carefully avoided the Slashers and some monsters who, as we’ll admit, are a little bad once we know how to face them. And you ? What are your favorite monsters?

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