The 10 most sexist situations our favorite heroines have faced


The question of the representation of women in the world of comics has always been underappreciated. Although some effort has been made over the decades, sexism still lingers, and our favorite heroines constantly walk in the shadows of their male counterparts. We’re a long way from the badass heroine who is more prominent these days.

Here’s a little return to the most sexist situations seen in the comics. Some are almost from the Middle Ages.

# 1: Orion beats up Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman # 17, the god Orion beats up the Amazon queen just because he finds her charming. She shows him her dissatisfaction with simple words. It is not certain that the story would have ended the same way today …

# 2: Spanked # 2: Superman versus Lois Lane

Spanked again. This time it’s Superman who sends you to Lois Lane at Lois Lane # 14. In the comics, Superman creates a clone to get his girlfriend out of a dangerous situation. While this is not Superman in the flesh, the deed is done. Obviously, corporal punishment was widespread in comics during the Golden Age. Fortunately, it has come a long way since then.

# 3: overly highlighted power girl bust

This power girl outfit seems to have been designed unrealistically, so today it can be compared to the cover of a glamorous magazine. A humiliating picture.

# 4: Batgirl cracks her pantyhose

In 1967, Barbara Gordon came to the aid of Batman and Robin to fight crime on the streets of Gotham. But on several occasions the writers belittled the heroine by entangling her in stereotypical situations. Here, then in the middle of the fight, Batgirl cracks her pantyhose as if to remind her that the most important thing is to stay in her place. This cover of Detective Comics # 371 goes so far as to say that Batgirl cares more about her outfit than helping the duo out of a dangerous situation.

# 5: Emma Frost’s outfit

Emma Frost has been fighting against and alongside the X-Men in rather light outfits since the 80s. Here the boards want to engage in voyeurism rather than make the outfit suitable for combat. Characteristic of the cyberpunk universe of the 80s, if not too much.

# 6: Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman Blanket

What about this Spider-Woman # 1 cover by artist Milo Manara, who is known for his erotic comic art? The artwork shows Jessica Drew in a tight, too tight costume. Here the portrayal of women as a sexual object reaches its climax.

# 7: Ben Grimm wants to beat up Sue Storm

Spanked number 3. Here The Thing seems to want to beat up the Invisible Woman in front of Mr. Fantastic, who doesn’t flinch. I’m not sure if he can be counted on to help his neighbor on the subway.

# 8: Batgirl straightens her mask like a girl is tidying her hair

Here the author insists on the cliché of the woman who gets herself in order in every embarrassing situation, even with the utmost urgency.

# 9: Black Widow wasn’t available as a standalone character

We’re leaving some of the world of comics to delve into action-man characters. This Black Widow figure was only used to accompany the Captain America set, nothing more, nothing less. In the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, this set was nonetheless a stunt performed by Black Widow himself. Reducer again.

# 10: Her-Oines

After several cues from readers, Marvel launched a superhero-focused comic book series in 2010 called Girl Comics, an anthology of girly comics for girls. Then they announced Her-Oes with younger versions of some of the Marvel heroines. Just to give the pill in a way I don’t care and to keep the girls between them to keep them silent. Dreadful.