The 10 most ridiculous deaths in history


We once told you about the 10 most unlikely historical deaths, but what about the Darwin Awards, the most ridiculous deaths in history? To end this year on a happy note (at least better than those who lived the stories we are about to present you) we invite you to find the 10 most ridiculous deaths in history. There are a few, but according to the editors, these are really in the top 10.

1) Death from gluttony

The Swedish King Adolf Friedrich ruled from 1751 to 1771 and was very fond of eating. A little too much, in fact. He died of indigestion on February 12, 1771 in Stockholm Castle after a hearty dinner consisting of:

CaviarCabbage SoupHarengsLobsterSauerkrautChampagne

And of course all of this at will. He would also have had his favorite dessert, semla, a Swedish-filled brioche that is served in hot milk. Swedish school children remember him as “the king who ate until death”.

2) death from a window

Garry Hoy was a corporate and securities law specialist based in Toronto. While showing the Toronto Dominion Center to a group of interns, Hoy attempted to demonstrate the strength of the structure’s glass by crashing into a window. He had apparently performed this stunt several times in the past and had previously ricocheted off the window with no problems.

After an attempt in which the glass actually offered resistance, Hoy tried the acrobatics again … Except that the force of the impact against the window made it leave its frame. The lawyer therefore gave up self-defense on July 9, 1993.

3) Death from a household that went wrong

On April 15, 1999, in Ohio, Martin Eskins refused to use the broom to clean cobwebs in his basement, preferring to light a torch to burn the cobwebs. He caused such a big fire that he was killed in his house, which was set on fire from the basement above.

4) death by a sausage

In October 1994, a man named Robert Puelo stole a hot dog from a stall in a Saint-Louis market. The man who ran the stall threatened to call the police if Robert didn’t drop the hot dog where he was had canceled. Robert Puelo put it in the throat without chewing to make the evidence disappear. He choked on the hot dog and no one could revive him.

5) Death from boredom

Paul Stiller and his wife both died in Andover Township, New Jersey, from a stick of dynamite that exploded in their car. The couple were bored in their car at two in the morning, and they wanted to light a stick of dynamite and throw it out the window to see what it was doing in the distance. But they forgot one essential element: the windows were closed when they threw the baton.

6) Death by a deer

A Spanish hunter named Marino Malerba was killed when he shot a deer that he spotted on a rock that overlooked his position. The hunter hit his target, but as he fell, the deer smashed him. Miscalculation.

7) Dead because of a rooster

In 2011, Jose Luis Ochoa died in California, stabbed by a rooster. During a cockfight he was participating in, the bird, with a razor blade attached to its leg, stormed towards him and caused serious injuries. He died two hours later.

8) Death because of the flat earth

We previously told you about the death of a turntable named Mike Hughes.
To prove that the flat earth theory was true, he began making a self-made steam rocket in his garage to make it rise 1,500 meters. The aim of this operation was to take pictures of where the earth’s atmosphere meets space. But not everything went as planned.

When his homemade rocket was launched near Barstow, California, the rocket would have rubbed against the launch pad, which would have torn the machine’s parachutes. When it reached its highest point, the homemade rocket landed steeply and crashed into the desert near a highway.

9) laugh out loud

In 2003, Damnien Saen-um, a Thai man in his fifties, had dreams that must have been profoundly compassionate and hilarious as the latter laughed nonstop for two minutes, causing a heart attack. He literally died of laughter.

10) died because of his toilet

In 1989, an American prisoner named Michael Anderson Godwin electrocuted trying to “fix the headphones plugged into his television while his buttocks were bare and resting on his metal toilet” (as many prisons do are). This man must have died that way, having been convicted of murder six years earlier and barely able to escape the electric chair.

And you, which death do you find most ridiculous? Don’t hesitate to give us feedback through our comment section! And if you want to keep the momentum going, here are our other top 10 stupidest deaths, but featuring famous historical figures.