The 10 most powerful characters Darth Vader has faced

Darth Vader is the favorite villain of many (very) many people around the world, as old and recent surveys show. However, during his life he had to face other characters who were also particularly powerful. In this article we come back to the 10 most powerful characters who opposed Darth Vader, be it in the Canon Universe or the Legend Universe.

# 10 Big Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Tarkin is a formidable person who has already managed to defeat Darth Vader, his own ally. Have you ever wondered how Tarkin could afford to order Vader to stop doing something? That’s because the two characters had a duel to prove that even someone like Darth Vader wasn’t invincible. Grand Moff Tarkin used his cunning and cruelty to lure Vader into a place attracted by lightning, and it was struck as intended. After that, Darth Vader respected Tarkin far more than before.

# 9 Celeste bleak

Celeste Morne only exists in the Legends universe and not in the traditional canonical part of Star Wars, just like Starkiller. However, she is certainly one of the most formidable enemies Darth Vader has ever fought. Celeste Morne was a former Jedi who was possessed by a Sith lord. She was able to turn people into rakghouls and took the opportunity to fight Darth Vader. Celeste was even able to force Vader to withdraw, which few Force users can claim.

# 8 morit astarte

Morit Astarte was a clone created by a skilled medic hired by Emperor Palpatine himself. Along with others, Morit was supposed to replace Darth Vader and was even as powerful as him. However, Darth Vader discovered the existence of these genetically modified children and fought against them. When Darth Vader was nearly defeated by his replacements, Morit stepped in to save him. Without Morit, Darth Vader would have perished, and yet! This in no way means that Morit was an ally of Darth Vader, as the two characters also clashed to gain the emperor’s favor.

# 7 Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano is an apprentice who challenged Darth Vader. In his battle against the Empire, he reunited with Skywalker, who has since become the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. The fight against his former master could have been decisive, but he eventually takes precedence and prepares to kill Ahsoka. She is extremely rescued by Ezra Bridger, a Jedi apprentice.

# 6 Stauz Czycz

One of the victims of the planetary cleansing of the Galactic Empire, Stauz Czycz saw all the Imperial soldiers slaughter his family. He then made Darth Vader directly responsible. Stauz was just a small, thin alien soldier at first, but out of sheer determination and vindictiveness he has become completely unrecognizable. He worked long and hard to become one of the best bounty hunters in the Empire until Darth Vader considered him. Stauz was able to attack Darth Vader during her personal interview and almost defeat the Sith Lord. Darth Vader was surprised by the speed and precision of the attack, as well as the determination of the man, and found it difficult to actually defend himself. He owed his salvation only to his overdeveloped reflexes. It must be said that Stauz Czycz put all his heart into it and tried to tear the Sith Lord’s armor to pieces. Darth Vader even tried to control his attacker’s mind, but Stauz used the full extent of his anger to drive him back. As a last resort, Vader destroyed the force field generator implanted in Czycz. The latter is beheaded and sheds one last tear.

# 5 Kirak Infil’A

After his defeat to Obi-Wan on Mustafar, Darth Vader was looking for a new saber. Darth Sidious told Darth Vader that Sith lightsabers can only exist when a Sith damages another Jedi’s lightsaber. So that meant Darth Vader had to chase one. It turns out that an isolated Jedi named Kirak Infil’A was available. The battle didn’t turn out to be obvious, however, as Kirak appeared to be winning at first and even used the Force to overthrow the Sith Lord from a mountaintop. However, Darth Vader recovered from his fall and went to meet Kirak again. In the end, he wins against the Jedi Master and uses the Force to suffocate him.

# 4 Galen Marek

Besides Ahsoka Tano, there is another apprentice who challenged Darth Vader and this is the character of Galen Marek (aka Starkiller). The character is not canon, but practically an inverted Darth Vader. He was raised in the hands of the Sith and ready to become as good as Darth Vader. However, he saw the light and eventually went into rebellion. He even finally decided to fight his master. Starkiller was one of the few people who could possibly become more powerful than Darth Vader, and he almost killed him.

# 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi

When Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, he faced his most enduring enemy, his own master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and lost. Their first battle took place on Mustafar, and the defeat was quite humiliating for Darth Vader. He wouldn’t take revenge until a few years later, when Obi-Wan was far from his prime. The fact that Kenobi could have ended Darth Vader’s hectic race in their first fight is a testament to his skill and power.

# 2 darkly sidious

Darth Sidious is clearly one of the most dangerous enemies Darth Vader had. Even so, Darth Vader managed to overthrow Palpatine both figuratively and literally (in return for the Jedi). Darth Vader is overwhelmed, but Palpatine is also enormous. After all, you won’t become an emperor of the galaxy and you won’t destroy most Jedi like that.

# 1 Luke Skywalker

Luke was without a doubt one of the most successful Jedi in the Star Wars films, considering the disabilities he went through in his education. In addition, his victory served as a new starting point for the Jedi Order. Either way, the short time it took Luke to become a Jedi is impressive and he was doomed to become one of the most powerful Force users thanks to his surname.

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