The 10 characters fans dont want to see in the MCU

Marvel fans all have their little preferences when it comes to the characters who bathed their childhood. However, many of fan favorite characters in comics and other franchises have never been to the MCU, and their biggest fans are just waiting for one thing to do so. Appearance in the coming years. Here are 10 characters that die-hard Marvel fans would love to develop in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more specifically Phase 4 or even Phase 5.

# 1 Magneto and Xavier

The very famous actor duo Michael Fassbender and James MacAvoy are popular with fans. It is certain that if the duo were incorporated into the MCU, their love as well as their hatred for the charm of bromance would add some value to the film.

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If the MCU were considering introducing mutants, Michaels Magneto and James’ Xavier would be ideal candidates. In the comics, Magneto is portrayed as motivated by his megalomania, but later the series writers turned him into a Holocaust survivor who wants to prevent mutants from suffering such persecution. His special and highly ambiguous relationship with Charles Xavier, the founder of X-Men, makes Magneto one of the most complex supervillains in the Marvel Universe. We’d love to portray him in the MCU, either as a criminal (or true antihero) or a hero. It depends on you!

# 2 the green fool

Willem Dafoe’s interpretation of the Green Goblin from 2002 is still on everyone’s lips. His devilish smile has captured a whole generation!

The real name Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin (or “Green Goblin” in OV), is an arrogant and confident super villain. Equipped with a superhuman intelligence, the Green Goblin is a genius who can make scientific breakthroughs in various fields such as genetics, robotics, engineering, physics, or even applied chemistry. His quick regeneration skills could enable him to put on a top notch show for any MCU fan. It must be said that he is also an excellent fighter, especially dangerous in close combat, which does not affect the character, quite the contrary.

# 3 the amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man reunited

Marvel fans have always wanted Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland to come together in one movie. On October 5, 2020, we told you in an article on the same topic that these three actors could actually work together in the future. That rumor, dating back more than a year, has grown in consistency after the announcement of the arrival of Jamie Foxx and the fact that the latter had previously posted a montage of the three actors gathered on social networks and abruptly deleted his post.

This rumor sounds pretty crazy if you take it one at a time, like the fact that Spider-Man is owned by Sony. Disney has permission to use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU, but at least for now, not the others. The Sony group has also announced that it will create its Spiderverse under the SPUMC (Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters) banner, which also includes the characters from Venom and Morbius. However, nothing is currently confirmed for the MCU. . Nevertheless, the fans are looking forward to it and it would benefit Kevin Feige very much.

# 4 Doctor Octopus

For us, Alfred Molina is the real face of Doctor Octopus. With his strong on-screen presence and performance, he has captured the hearts of Spider-Man fans who would love to see him again and why not in the MCU.

Real name Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus was the son of a brutal father who beat him during his childhood. Passionate about science, the young man became a brilliant atomist and created the chest strap to which the 4 metal tentacles are attached, which we know well. As a particularly tough opponent, he would offer us wonderful fight scenes within the MCU.

# 5 Johnny STORM

Chris Evans made official that he was leaving the MCU as Captain America more than two years ago, admitting that it was “a real honor” to have played the role. Okay, but grief might be easier to achieve for his fans if he returned as Johnny Storm, whom he once played in The Fantastic Four.

If Storm could make a brief appearance in another universe, he would set the crowd on fire.

# 6 Deadpool

We have known for a while that Deadpool is now Disney owned. Since the Walt Disney Company took over Fox, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Deadpool have returned to the ranks of Marvel Studios.

Deadpool, for his part, could therefore appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and join the Avengers, but the fact that the films he appears in are rated R-rated is still an issue.

# 7 Mystical

If Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are retiring, why not bring Jennifer Lawrence to the MCU? The internationally known actress portrayed Mystique in the X-Men (2011-2019).

Rogue’s adoptive mom could hit the mark in the MCU. The espionage enthusiast could really put himself in the shoes of every country very quickly if you touch his daughter or his companion named Désirée in the comics.

Blade number 8

Blade (1998-2004) is a trilogy of American films and one of the first of its kind at a time when producers were still skeptical of superhero films. The results were remarkable for the time, especially the acting of Wesley Snipes, which thanks to his stunts had captured the hearts of the audience.

Of course, we cannot overlook Mahershala Ali. At Comic-Con in San Diego in 2019, a Blade restart was announced for years within the MCU, and Mahershala Ali was named the new vampire hunter. However, we will have to wait until phase 5 of the MCU to see this new blade that has a little bit of time ahead of us.

# 9 Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine resulted in his character rising on par with the greats of the MCU in terms of popularity. We know Fox said goodbye to Logan, but Disney may still want to take that character back on its own.

It goes without saying that fans would crush the doors of the cinema to see Wolverine again, especially within an MCU movie.

# 10 Daredevil

Daredevil is an icon in the Marvel Comics. It was first adapted for theater by FOX with Ben Affleck in the title role in the 2000s. The film didn’t stay in the hearts of fans and was quickly forgotten when Netflix regained the rights to a series in 2015. In it, Charlie Cox could be found in the hero’s skin. After 3 seasons, the series was finally canceled by Netflix in November 2018.

Marvel Studios will pick up Daredevil in November 2020. This is a real hope for all fans across the universe who enjoyed the series so much and were so disappointed with its cancellation on the Netflix platform.

And you, who would you most like to see in the MCU? We look forward to your answers on your keyboards.

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