The 10 best horror movies of 2021 that you must see

In 2021 horror films were still on the rise. Between expected suites, unique proposals and nice surprises, the year will have offered us a good year to turn to. Here is a list of 10 horror films not to be missed!

without sound 2

The sequel to the 2018 blockbuster film, Sans Un Noise 2, tells us about the sequel to the abbots’ terrifying adventures as we continue to haunt Evelyn and her children. The family is forced to leave their home after the events of the previous film, but they soon realize that the danger is greater than ever and that the creatures are not the only threat looming over them.

last night in soho

This time we’re heading for more psychological horror with Last Night in Soho, which has been well received by both the press and viewers. We follow a young woman who is passionate about the era of the sixties and who started her studies at a fashion school in London. But every night she is dragged into the past and meets Sandie, an aspiring star who eventually possessed her. At first glance, this is a happy premise, but it quickly turns into a nightmare.

Conjuration 3: Under the influence of the devil

Conjuring 3: Under the Devil’s Grasp was the eagerly awaited continuation of the Warren couple’s paranormal investigation. Despite their experience, Ed and Lorraine are once again faced with one of the toughest cases of their careers, where their lives are in danger. Your credibility is also central to the film, as for the first time in history you will have to defend a defendant pleading demonic possession.

Psycho Goreman

Less known to the general public and more convinced across the Atlantic than here, Psycho Goreman can nevertheless boast at least one crazy scenario. In fact, a brother and sister discover the grave of someone named Psycho Goreman, an alien warlord who is brought back to life in an attempt to destroy the universe. Fortunately, the two children got hold of an artifact that should help him keep him under control.

american nighmare 5: limitless

Similar to Conjuring 3, American Nightmare 5: No Limits is the sequel to a terrifying saga that has already proven itself. And if the end result doesn’t live up to the expectations expressed, it still remains a film that skilfully mixes action and horror. But this time around, the annual overnight cleanup, which allows US citizens to gleefully murder whoever they want, seems to be taking longer than expected. Two families with unclear relationships therefore have no choice but to unite to survive.

holy maud

Saint Maud is a horror and fantasy film that was originally released in 2019 but landed here on VOD this year after a theatrical release was canceled due to a certain virus. Saint Maud relies on very classic sources of horror: an isolated house, a sick woman and a very devout heroine. This last aspect will lead the character of Maud to want to save the soul of Amanda, the woman she needs to take care of. Obviously, there are never very good things in this type of movie.

Candy man

Candyman is a remake of the 1992 horror film of the same name. A Chicago-based painter is hungry for inspiration. Then he discovers the legend of Candyman, a killer from hell and with a hook for a hand. His mind will take a great blow.


Lamb is an Icelandic horror and drama film that was released just a few days ago. We follow a few shepherds who live in seclusion with their flock of sheep. You are being tricked into adopting an abandoned baby. When they are very happy about it at first, it quickly turns into an unexpected and dramatic turn for them.


At the Cannes Film Festival in 2021 with the Palme d’Or, Titane skillfully combines horror, drama and thriller. The Franco-Belgian feature film focuses on the case of Alexia, a woman in her mid-thirties who has lived with a titanium implant in her skull since an accident in her childhood. If she could lead a normal life now, she has severe post-traumatic syndrome that triggers her true murderous desires. But the police are currently preoccupied with a series of bloody crimes.

the amusement park

We close with a very special case. The amusement park is a film directed almost 50 years ago by the famous George A. Romero that was long considered lost but was eventually found. At the beginning of summer he finally arrived in our dark rooms and offers us to follow an old man who is living a real nightmare in an amusement park. Critically acclaimed, it takes less than an hour and despite its age is a breath of fresh air in horror cinema.

And since they are old horror films, we offer you a list of the 20 classics of the genre that you absolutely must have seen at least once in your life!

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