“That’s what really happened” – Tyler1 explains how he ended up getting scarred by a ’37-foot sabertooth tiger’

Twitch star Tyler “Tyler1” returned to his Twitch channel on October 25 and spent a while speaking concerning the scar beneath his proper eye.

Tyler initially opted to share the “pretend story,” claiming he was scarred whereas “auto-pilot shaving his huge beard.”

Nevertheless, the “actual story” concerned him coming face-to-face with a “37-foot sabertooth tiger” with poison-tipped fangs that jumped out of some bushes and tried to chew the streamer within the face.

After explaining how he fought off the huge beast, Tyler1 remarked:

“So yeah, that is what actually occurred. Anyway.”

Tyler1 recounts a “actual story” and explains how he bought scarred by a “37-foot sabertooth tiger”

Through the beginning moments of his October 25 broadcast, the Missouri native showcased a recent scar beneath his proper eye. He then shared an actual and pretend story about his damage and mentioned:

“Do you see this reduce? You guys wish to know what occurred? The true or the pretend story. Let me let you know the pretend story. I used to be auto-pilot shaving my huge beard, I reduce my eye. That is what did not occur. That is pretend.”

Tyler1 recalled heading to the health club and said that each his fingers have been full, whereas iterating the “actual story”:

“And the true story is, as I used to be going to my automotive with my health club bag in hand, on the health club. My health club bag in a single hand, and I had my Bloodrush in one other. Fingers have been full. I had the keys, I had one pockets, I had my Earpods; they’re my AirPods. All proper? I used to be going to the health club, strolling casually.”

Timestamp: 00:04:58

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The Twitch sensation then claimed {that a} 37-foot sabertooth tiger with poison-tipped fangs jumped and tried to take a bit out of his face. Tyler1 fought off the beast by “Thanos-striking” the latter’s intestine, sending it “to the moon”:

“Subsequent factor I do know, I hear the leaves within the bush like, ruffle. And as that’s occurring, a 37-foot sabertooth tiger with poison-tipped fangs jumps out and tries to take a chew out of my face. And whereas that is occurring, I give him a f***ing, an higher kick; a Thanos-strike to his intestine, and ship it to the moon.”

The fictional story concluded with him including that the monster landed 5 miles away and that police have been “surrounding an enormous crater”:

“About 5 miles away, the police have been, like, surrounding an enormous crater. I believe that is the place it landed. I do not know, bro.”

Followers react to the streamer’s “actual story”

The streamer’s clip made an look on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and it quickly turned one of many prime posts on the discussion board. Listed here are some related fan reactions:

This isn’t the primary time Tyler1 has shared a narrative of a fierce encounter with a monster. The Twitch content material creator recounted and narrated a narrative that included an intense battle towards the “ice big” earlier this yr.

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