That Love and Thunder is spoiling you

Spider-Man: No Way Home was released on December 15th and is a box-office hit with sales already exceeding a billion euros. With just two weeks of uptime, it’s not surprising that the most anticipated movie of the year is already showing the highest revenue of 2021 and is also turning out to be the best start for a film in the franchise. But did you notice this reference that turns the next part of Thor’s adventures in Love and Thunder upside down?

The mysterious z …

In fact, the latest Marvel and Sony movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is full of Easter eggs. This production is the first to begin with the launch of the multiverse invented by Marvel, before we can discover Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness scheduled for May 2022 in France.

Among these many testimonials is one that caught a user who didn’t hesitate to share it on Reddit. During the sequence around the Daily Buggle there is a scrolling banner that, when we look at it, reads: “Political unrest in New Asgard appears as Z …”

Who could be that Z that was mentioned? For the internet user who discovered it, the answer is clear! This is directly related to love and thunder.

Gorr versus Thor and a mythical god?

Indeed, if we do not already know very much about the plot of this new Thor adventure, we know that New Asgard is the Norwegian town that the people of Thor settled in after its destruction, as we saw in Endgame. On the other hand, if the plot of Love and Thunder is still unclear, we know that Christian Bale will have a prominent place there by playing Gorr, the Slayer of the Gods. The latter wants to take revenge on the gods (as his nickname suggests) after the death of his family. Unsurprisingly, Gorr will crossbreed with Thor, who is also supported by the Guardians of the Galaxy. But he could also meet deities from other mythologies and the internet user thinks that the Z in No Way Home could therefore refer directly to Zeus. In addition, Zeus will actually be at the casting of Love and Thunder, played by Russel Crowe, as his performer accidentally confirmed a few months ago.

It seems that No Way Home has spoiled a part of Love and Thunder for us. The doubt remains, but with the information we could already have, the chances of seeing Zeus in the next opus, which is dedicated to the god of thunder, are increasing. To get to the bottom of this, we’ll have to wait until July 13th to find out!

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