that horrific experience on the set of Justice League that made Ben Affleck give up


While he will appear in his final performance of Batman on The Flash, Ben Affleck recently explained the reasons for the waiver. His Justice League experience was the main reason.

Batmobile’s last ride

Actor Ben Affleck is set to get his Batman costume for The Flash out of the closet next year, almost 4 years after putting it away (and in the world) after the 2017 Justice League movie, his ranks would have two incarnations of the Dark Knight, made by Michael Keaton (Batman then Batman: The Challenge of Tim Burton) and Ben Affleck’s back then.

About this, the 49-year-old actor confided a few days ago and decided to say goodbye to his role. A decision that comes as Keaton’s presence on The Flash anticipated the opening of a multiverse and that Robert Pattinson recently took over the baton from Batman, which he will play in The Batman on March 4, 2022.

Affleck was justified by saying that his return was a very nice end to his experience with his character for the few scenes he shot for the Snyder Cut, as well as those in The Flash.

I never said anything like that … but maybe my favorite scenes of Batman and my interpretation of Batman are in this movie (The Flash). When I was filming my scenes it was really fun, satisfying, and rewarding. And in the end I even said to myself: ‘Wow, I think I finally got it …’ “

“It was just the worst experience”

But the actor also spoke in a recent interview for the Los Angeles Times about another filming experience, that of the unloved Justice League, the earlier version of Zack Snyder, released in 2017, that marked a turning point in his career as a Gotham vigilante. It is explained:

It was really Justice League that was the last straw for me … It was a very bad experience because of a lot of different things: my own life, my divorce, too far from mine to push calendar, and then personal Tragedy of Zack (who lost his daughter during production and left her). And then the new recordings …

We know that his 2015 divorce from actress Jennifer Garner left a deep mark on him and plunged him into alcohol. He also qualified this break as his “greatest regret”.

Affleck then proceeded with this “terrible” ordeal:

It was just the worst experience. It was terrible. That was all I didn’t like about this job. That’s actually the moment when I said to myself, “I won’t do that again!”

This has in part diverted him from playing Bruce Wayne for the sequel and from the movie he was supposed to play and direct, now directed by Matt Reeves.

The Batman’s directing is a great example of what I didn’t want to do anymore! I looked the project in the face and in the end I realized that I would not be happy with something like that (…) I would probably have liked to have done it when I was 32. But then I realized that it wasn’t worth it. It has enabled me to reorient myself and realign my priorities. “

Ben Affleck, currently in the movie The Tender Bar directed by Georges Clooney, will be making the last release of the cloak on the occasion of his anniversary for The Flash on November 4, 2022.