that big mistake from Thor, who didn’t have to destroy Asgard, to Hela. to defeat


Four years after the destruction of the Asgard kingdom during the Ragnarok in Thor: Ragnarok, we finally learn that the annihilation could have been avoided, that Surtur didn’t have to destroy everything, and that Hela wasn’t as powerful. So Thor made a big dumpling.

Four years ago

In Thor: Ragnarok, Asgard is destroyed by Thor and Loki during the liberation of the fire demon Surtur, which triggers the infamous Ragnarok to stop her older sister and enemy, the death goddess Hela. Everyone thought that this fateful act was necessary to save the Asgardian people, but four years after the film was released, momentous information proves that Thor actually made a huge mistake in freeing Surtur, as he could have defeated Hela on his own .

Warning, this article contains important spoilers for the second episode of the series What if …?

A boss weakness

In the cartoon series What if …? that unites the universe of Marvel movies in an alternate reality. The Collector, the episode’s big villain, pulls several artifacts from cult protagonists from his magic box, including Helas Nekrosword (whose origins and story are in jeopardy when many problems with the MCU for Thor: Love & Thunder). In the last fight against T’Challa, now Star-Lord, and Yondu, the collector loses his power when the helmet part of the Necrosword is destroyed by Yondu and the connection with the blade is broken. Follows a super villain’s defeat and a crushing defeat.

A weakness that does not seem difficult to find, however, but is due to Thor and others’ lack of experience with the necrosword and thus the helmet, which is actually not a simple skin of Hela’s costume. On the other hand, Hela’s aggressive fighting style with the Necrosword did not allow a defensive gap and thus a possible counterattack. Even Thor’s lightning couldn’t get over it as he didn’t make his way to the helmet.

The short story could therefore have been completely different without this understanding of the necrosword, but the Ragnarok is still an integral part of Norse mythology, specifically in the context of Thor and his kingdom. Without this mistake, there probably wouldn’t be a movie.