Thanos’ ultimate form was too powerful to appear in the MCU

While Thanos looks impressive in Avengers: Infinity War with his Infinity Gauntlet and Cosmic Cube, he’s not the most powerful form of Titan. And its ultimate form is so powerful that Marvel couldn’t imagine it in the MCU.

The heart of the universe

In an effort to please Death, who is a cosmic being, and to become the most powerful being in the universe, Thanos sought the most powerful and extraordinary forces. So he stole the Cosmic Cube and the six Infinity Stones while terrorizing many populations and killing the greatest heroes. But these two artifacts aren’t the most powerful items.

In fact, Thanos once acquired the powers of the heart of the universe, which is the most powerful source of energy in the universe. By absorbing the heart of the universe, Thanos not only became the most powerful being, as he did when he led the Infinity Gauntlet, but he was one with everything and everything.

In the work of Jim Starlin, Marvel: The End, the Avengers, the X-Men, and other heroes are killed by an almighty being named Akhenaten. Thanos discovers that the source of the Pharaoh’s powers is none other than the heart of the universe, which the Heavenly Order – a group of extraterrestrial explorers – is closely guarding. After distracting the guards of the Heavenly Order, Thanos plunges into the heart of the universe and gains his incredible abilities.

The heart of the universe gives Titan greater powers than any infinity stone or cosmic cube. Thanos uses his powers to reshape the universe and create different realities. But he uses his powers thoughtlessly and in the end he absorbs the entire universe, leaving only a void of nothing.

The cosmic hero Adam Warlock, who was outside the space-time continuum when Thanos absorbed the universe, then appears to Titan and explains to him what happened. As a result, Thanos uses the heart of the universe to restore reality to how it was before while sacrificing himself and his great power to achieve it. A victim only Warlock remembers.

Thus the ultimate form of Thanos corresponds to the moment in which he possesses the heart of the universe. A power that ultimately turned out to be too powerful for the Titan himself. If you enjoyed this article, you will surely love to find out how Thanos is killed by the MCU’s phase 4 great evil.

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