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Terrorist Investigations: Swiss attacker was known to the police | Free press

A woman attacks passers-by in a Swiss shopping center and shouts terrorist slogans. She is known to the police – a love story with a jihadist plays a part.

Lugano (dpa) – The Swiss knife attacker from Lugano was not a blank slate with the federal police. She is known for “police investigations in 2017 with a jihadist background”.

The federal police station (FedPol) reported this after the knife attack in a shopping center in Lugano in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. On Wednesday she added: The woman fell in love with a “jihadist fighter” through social media and wanted to meet him in Syria.

However, she was stopped at the Turkish-Syrian border at the time and sent back to Switzerland from Turkey. She was then treated for mental health problems and has not been suspected since 2017. Ticino’s president, Norman Gobbi, said the woman had been radicalized: “The situation is extremely serious.”

Eyewitnesses to the knife attack had already reported that the 28-year-old is a terrorist sympathizer. “Sono dell’Isis” – I am from IS – is said to have called the woman when two passers-by were attacked on Tuesday afternoon.

She strangled one of the two women and the other wounded her with a knife she had apparently recently picked up from the household goods department. I heard screams and turned around. Then I saw a woman on the ground – in the middle of a pool of blood, ”said a woman who had seen the attack, according to“ La Regione. ”Two other passers-by grabbed the attacker by the hair and held her until the police came and her. arrested.

Fedpol director Nicoletta della Valle listed the attack with terrorist attacks abroad. “I’m not surprised at this attack,” she said. Such attacks took place all over the world. Also in Switzerland: In September, a 29-year-old was stabbed to death in Morges on Lake Geneva, who wanted to go to a kebab shop. He died of the injuries. Here too, the police are investigating suspicions of terrorism. The attacker was arrested and confessed to the crime. According to the police, this perpetrator has also been on the radar of the security forces since 2017.

The Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) stated in its annual report on the security of Switzerland at the end of October: “Further attacks are likely in Europe – mainly those inspired by the” Islamic State “. Switzerland is one of the legitimate interests of the jihadists. targets of the attack, but is not in the foreground. “


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