Terror in France: Search for Possible Accomplices | Free press


Rambouillet (AP) – After the alleged terrorist attack on a police officer near Paris, detectives search for possible lenders of the suspect.

The police took three people into custody near the 36-year-old on Friday evening, the judiciary of the German news agency in Paris confirms. The attacker was killed by the police immediately after the crime.

Initially it remained unclear whether the people in the area actually had anything to do with the bloody attack. It is quite common in France to keep people in police custody after terrorist attacks who have been linked to alleged perpetrators.

Investigators searched two apartments for information from the AFP news agency, including that of the suspect from Tunisia. He brutally murdered the 49-year-old woman in Rambouillet near Paris with a knife.

The circumstances of the crime pointed to an Islamist background – this was not explicitly confirmed by investigators at first. “In the fight against Islamist terrorism, we do not give in,” President Emmanuel Macron said after the bloody act via Twitter.

According to the initial findings, the woman was attacked from behind by the man at the police station in Rambouillet. According to the media, her throat had been cut. She died on the spot.

The day after the murder, Head of State Emmanuel Macron visited the murdered woman’s family. The 43-year-old wanted to show his support and solidarity, circles from the presidential office said Saturday at the request. The victim’s family, who lives in Thoiry, west of Paris, is “very shocked and very worthy”. The head of state had previously called the Rambouillet police commissioner.

Immediately after the attack, Macron had assured that the state would continue to act against Islamic terrorism. “We do not give in to the fight against Islamic terrorism,” the most powerful Frenchman announced via Twitter.

France has been rocked by Islamist attacks for years. More than 250 innocent people died. In October, teacher Samuel Paty was brutally beheaded by an Islamist.

The attack sparked political controversy in France. Far-right politician Marine Le Pen noted on Twitter that the same horrors always followed each other. There are always “the same Islamist motives” and the government is too lax on security. Justice Minister √Čric Dupond-Moretti responded, accusing the head of the far-right party Rassemblement National (RN / formerly: Front National) of taking advantage of the tragedy with cynicism and indignity.