“Terra Devastada”: The new Spanish film from Netflix brings together horror and tension


“Terra Devastada”: The new Spanish film from Netflix brings together horror and tension

It debuts on the streaming platform this Thursday. It’s a psychological thriller with several horrors in between.

The film is about an hour and a half long.

It’s called Terra Devastada, opens this Thursday, January 6th, and it’s the new Spanish movie from Netflix. It was directed and co-written by David Casademunt and was in development for several years before it came to fruition.

It is a story with elements of horror and tension that takes place in a remote Spanish city in the 19th century. A terrible creature changes the everyday life of the family who is at the center of the story, consisting of a troubled mother and her young son.

This mysterious monster feeds on fear. The more vulnerable the family, the more this creature’s power increases, which puts it in greater danger. A vicious circle that the protagonists can hardly break.

Diego, the boy’s name is, carries a load. Not only does she have to deal with this danger, she has to take care of her mother – she has to try to protect her from herself and the problems that have brought her to this remote place. It is a lot for a child to manage, but Diego is not just any boy.

The emergence of this violent evil presence that will plague their lives in this little house will test the mother-child relationship – which receives few visits over the course of an hour and 32 minutes of action.

According to some of the reviews of the film that have already been published, “Terra Devastada” builds up terror and tension primarily through psychological elements. Rhythm, photographic direction, and soundtrack are some of the key considerations in creating the right spirit for the immersive narration.

Inma Cuesta plays the protagonist’s mother, Lucía, while the role of Diego is played by the young actor Asier Flores. The production also includes characters played by Roberto Álamo, Alejandra Howard and Víctor Benjumea.

Recorded between February and July 2021 in the city of Teruel (in the Aragon region), “Terra Devastada” was written by three screenwriters: director David Casademunt, Martí Lucas and Fran Menchón.

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