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Technology Problems: FDP Cancels State Party Digital Conference | Free press

The Liberals in Rhineland-Palatinate cannot hold their digital party conference as planned. On Saturday, the technology to be voted on will go on strike.

Mainz (AP) – The Rhineland-Palatinate FDP canceled its state party digital conference on Saturday due to technical problems with the voting system. The meeting will continue on another day, said state chairman Volker Wissing.

The focus should have been on the election of a new state administrator. But shortly after the meeting started at 10 a.m., there were initial problems with individual voting. These could not be deleted even after repeated attempts and session interruptions. At around 1.30 pm it was decided to end the meeting for Saturday.

The FDP relied on the “safe and certified system” Polyas. “We were confident it would work,” said Wissing. But apparently it is not possible to get the problem under control, he said after another hiatus. That is why the Presidium of the Party Congress had made this decision.

On Thursday evening, the technology was still working at an extraordinary party conference of the FDP. At this meeting, which also took place digitally, the delegates agreed by a large majority to the coalition agreement negotiated with the SPD and the Greens.

In his speech at the start of the party congress on Saturday, Wissing sharply criticized the federal government’s corona policy. “For us it is unacceptable for a Chancellor to describe basic rights as privileges,” he said. The federal government acted “haphazardly” in the pandemic. The corona crisis exposed many problems that existed in Germany. In view of the federal elections in September, Wissing, who is also secretary general of the federal FDP, underlined the liberals’ goal of having a significant say in the formation of the next federal government.

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