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Techies of the bingo world – big names to know about

Technology has come a long way in a very short space of time, with practically every task imaginable being featured in some way or form through technological advancements. Bingo and the likes of cyber security are no different to other niches affected, and it is all for the better.

Technology isn’t traditionally associated with bingo halls but with modern ways of life and the need to entertain at home, needs have changed, making the introduction of technology not only a necessity, but common sense too.

An era of online bingo

Even if an individual does not partake in online bingo names, they will have heard of a few online bingo sites. Now more of a household name, these sites have flourished during the pandemic more than ever before and have highlighted the real perks of having an online escape.

Bingo halls look very different online, with themes dominating some rooms and adjustments to games to enhance player experience. With bonuses and big jackpots to play for, there’s plenty to keep players coming back for more besides the social aspect thanks to multiple chat functions on the various websites.

Where to Play Online Bingo?

Being an online bingo player gives you the freedom to access bingo games 24/7. There are a huge number of UK Bingo online brands. Some brands are popular UK household names like The Sun Bingo, which falls under the arm of the popular British tabloid. There are also bingo brands traditionally known for bingo in the UK for many years. Names like Mecca Bingo and Buzz Bingo both have online bingo websites, while both brands also operate a series of land-based bingo halls dotted around the UK.

Then there are household online bingo websites not known for land-based establishments, but they have a reputation online. Brands like Costa Bingo you can read Whichbingo’s review on Costa Bingo, Coral (known for high street betting shops), and 888 Ladies (part of the 888 brand name known for online casinos and sports betting)!

Why is online bingo so popular?

Where being at home has become the new norm, it is undeniable that social aspects of everyday life have suffered.

With bingo, many people will think of nights out with friends and having a drink while playing a game. Although not the same in the genuine sense, playing online with friends via a chatroom with a drink at home is the closest many have had to a social life for some time.

Accessibility has always played a key role in the growth of popularity for online bingo, with apps and websites available at the touch of a few buttons. Many sign ups take just a few minutes and many are compatible with smartphones, so players can continue their flurry while on the go.

Names to know in bingo technology

One of the biggest names in bingo software is Playtech, formally known as Virtue Fusion. They are a globally known brand who not only work on bingo sites, but have also worked extensively in the realm of online casinos and slots.

Many of their designs have become some of the most popular games on the market, making them a go-to brand when a firm is looking for a top quality game to introduce to players.

One of the other key players to know about for designing bingo software is Dragonfish.

Also well known for their interactive designs for bingo games of 75,80 and 90 balls, their designs run competitively alongside those of Playtech and have also made an established name for themselves on the market.

Owning some of their own sites, Dragonfish are associated with the online company 888, which has helped to significantly increase the reputation of the brand. If you are browsing bingo sites, chances are the games are from these two.


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