Tarantino’s mother reacts to the director’s decision not to give her any money


Tarantino’s mother reacts to the director’s decision not to give her any money

Connie Zastoupil made a brief statement on her son’s comments that have gone viral in the past few days. “I support you and I love you”

The filmmaker is one of the big names in Hollywood.

Connie Zastoupil, the mother of director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino, responded to her son’s testimony on a podcast that she had sworn not to give him a penny from his career after humiliation for it during the Having written classroom scripts going for a walk in school.

“About my son Quentin – I support him, I am proud of him and I love him and his new growing family. I was very happy to dance Leo at his wedding and the birth of my grandson, ”Connie Zastoupil, 74, said in a brief comment to USA Today.

“Zastoupil added that it is easy for comments on a podcast to ‘go viral without all the context’ and that they ‘do not intend to be part of this media hype,'” the same publication also writes.

Quentin Tarantino interviewed The Moment podcast and said that while he was in school, his mother didn’t encourage him to become a screenwriter. At the time, he was trying to write his stories in class and after a warning from teachers at school, he developed a rash at home.

“She teased me about it. And in the middle of what I was talking about, I said, ‘Oh, by the way, that little writing career? This shit is over ‘. She wanted to tell me not to do it in school if you are supposed to do other things. When she said it to me so sarcastically, it was in my head: Okay, ma’am. If I become a successful screenwriter, you will never see a dime of my success. There will be no home for you. There’s no vacation for you, no Cadillac for mom. You don’t get anything for what you said. “

Podcast host Brian Koppelman asked the director, somewhat surprised: “And did you keep that promise?” Tarantino replied: “Yes, yes. I helped her with a tax question, but no house! No Cadillac ”.

Koppelman suggested that Tarantino buy him a house in it, pointing out that this challenge might give the future screenwriter and director an extra boost to his success.

“The words you use when dealing with your children have consequences,” replied the filmmaker. “Remember, your sarcastic tone has consequences for what it means to you.”