Taliban welcome start of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan | Free press


The official withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan should begin on May 1, but the withdrawal has already begun. Much to the delight of the Taliban. However, the outcome of the peace negotiations is uncertain.

Kabul (AP) – The militant Islamist Taliban have welcomed the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan.

The statement by the commander of US and NATO forces, General Austin Scott Miller, about the start of the withdrawal was “commendable,” according to an article published Wednesday evening on the Taliban’s website. The presence of the international armed forces is the main reason for the war. It is now optimistic that the conflict will end with their withdrawal and that Afghans will be able to live in peace in the future.

On Sunday, US General Miller said in the Afghan capital Kabul that the withdrawal would officially begin on May 1, but that it has in fact already started on the spot. The US announced in mid-April that it would be bringing US troops home by September 11. NATO also decided to withdraw troops. Meanwhile, July 4 is also being discussed as an earlier date.

Under President Donald Trump, the United States had agreed with the Taliban that they would withdraw on May 1. The agreement was signed in Doha, the capital of Qatar. In their message on Wednesday, the Islamists again advised the US to implement all articles of the Doha Agreement, especially the withdrawal timetable.

The Taliban had previously announced that they would take “all necessary countermeasures” should the US fail to comply with a May 1 withdrawal. Fearing renewed attacks on international forces or other foreign facilities from May 1, many foreigners have temporarily left Kabul. The future of the peace negotiations between the Kabul government and the Taliban in the Gulf emirate of Qatar, which have been ongoing since September, remains uncertain. They had stopped last. Violence in the country continues.

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