Taliban occupy key border towns for trade | free press


The Islamic Taliban are on the rise in Afghanistan. Now they have taken two places with important trade routes.

Kabul (dpa) – The militant Islamist Taliban have seized two sites on the border with Iran and Turkmenistan, through which major trade routes run.

This was announced by two representatives of the western Afghan province of Herat: provincial councilor Habib Haschimi and MP Resa Chusak Watandost.

Islam Kala fell without resistance from the security forces. According to the information, the government’s customs revenues amounted to the equivalent of more than three million euros a day, despite widespread corruption. All commercial activities would now be halted. Islam Kala was considered an important hub for truck trade with Iran.

Torghundi in northern Herat also fell to the Taliban. An important trade route for Afghanistan runs through the border town, where the country has so far imported much of its gas and fuel. Torghundi was previously important for the export of Afghan products abroad, including to Europe.

US insists on troop withdrawal

The Taliban are on the rise in Afghanistan. Afghan security forces are rapidly losing ground as the Taliban occupy more and more districts. US President Joe Biden is sticking to his withdrawal plans until August 31. According to the information, the withdrawal is already more than 90 percent complete. Biden recently admitted that the Taliban are now stronger than ever since the fall of their regime in late 2001.

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