Taliban: Fighters not allowed to invade Kabul | free press


Earlier, there were reports on social media that the militant Islamist group had already penetrated the city.

The militant Islamist Taliban have ordered their fighters not to penetrate the capital Kabul. Instead, they should stand at the gates of the city, according to a statement from the Islamists published Sunday.

Since the capital, Kabul, is a large and densely populated city, the Taliban had no intention of entering the city by force or war. Instead, they want to negotiate a peaceful invasion of Kabul with the other side.

The statement was released amid unconfirmed social media reports that Taliban fighters had already invaded the city. Chaotic scenes played out in Kabul. There was a shooting in front of a bank, a resident of the city said. Many people tried to withdraw their savings, do the shopping and go home to their families. A soldier from Kabul said his entire unit had taken off their uniforms. (dpa)