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Taliban control half of all districts in Afghanistan | free press

With the beginning of the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban launched several offensives – again conquering more than 150 districts. Major roads and border crossings are also under their control.

Kabul (AP) – Shortly before the official conclusion of the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, the militant Islamist Taliban again control more than half of the country’s districts.

This is according to research by the German Press Agency in the 34 provinces of the country. Accordingly, Islamists have a slim majority of about 210 of the country’s 400 or so district centers. About 110 districts are under full government control, and about 80 others are controversial.

When international forces began to withdraw in early May, the Taliban launched several offensives and captured more than 150 districts. Geographically, they focused their offensive on the north. That is where the Taliban encountered the greatest resistance in the late 1990s. Observers assume that this is to prevent the organization of an opposition precisely there.

Roads and border crossings under Taliban control

In addition to districts, they also conquered other parts of major highways and several border crossings, including two of the three most important: Spin Boldak to Pakistan and Islam Kala to Iran. In addition, they cause huge revenue losses for the government in Kabul.

US President Joe Biden says the US mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31. NATO has not yet officially communicated the end of the military operation, but the operation has de facto ended. According to dpa information, the military personnel currently stationed in the country from countries such as the US and Turkey are now completely under the direction of the national chain of command.


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