Taika Waititi’s next film will look very much like Thor Ragnarok

Star Wars is a license that is so firmly anchored in the collective imagination that it is difficult to create new content in it without provoking the ire of the popular bundle, purists as well as fans of the previous day. However, the director of one of the next Star Wars spin-off films, Taika Waititi, intends to throw fans on the wrong foot by offering an alternate version of the Star Wars universe, entirely in line with his vision of cinema and from his film Thor: Ragnarok, which introduced him to the general public.

Star Wars: a lighter film in the works

There are many things we can blame Marvel for, but we can’t take away from the fact that entrusting Thor 3 aka Thor Ragnarok Taika Waititi was a good idea. Considered the MCU’s worst movie, Thor 2’s monumental failure at theaters required a radical change of position on the character. Taika Waititi managed to make it more caricatured and funnier in a movie that has a lot of interesting points like deconstructing the masculinity of the character. The director’s wacky style immediately conquered the production studios and entrusted him with numerous films, including one from the Star Wars universe.

And precisely, in an interview with Wired, the one who ran the Vampires films in complete privacy, Jojo Rabbit and the youngest Free Guy (whom he promoted with Deadpool in a video visible here) declare that he wants his next star Wars movie is not for everyone. Known for being cynical and insane, he explains that he wants to take the opposite view of what we might expect in a Star Wars movie. And according to his previous films, it is very likely that Thor Ragnarok is in it:

It is still in the EXT phase. SPACE [Soit l’indication Extérieur : espace dans un scénario, ndlr]but we have a story. I’m really excited about this film because it looks very much like me. I tend to take the little path of sincerity in my films. I like to get the viewer to believe it is and then have them say, “Damn it, you made me feel something!

A kick in the boots of the stars?

After Disney decided to “simplify” the expanded universe in order to write a smoother one after it was eventually withdrawn, it is difficult to give an axis of understanding for the guideline of the license. Taika Waititi’s version is sure to get the Star Wars anthill going again. If it’s too early to know what his movie is about, he already knows that after many series like The Mandalorian Season 3, Obi-wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, Andor, The Book of Boba Fett, The Acolyte, Lando. Visions, a Droid Story, and several films, with Rogue Squadron, Rian Johnson’s trilogy project, Kevin Feiges and JD Dillard and Matt Owens’ project.

We must therefore expect an overdose of Star Wars in the next few years. But Taika Waititi is very busy in Hollywood right now. For the release of such a film, we may have to wait until 2025, or even 2026 for the most pessimistic one. The director is currently promoting Free Guys and will soon be directing the Flash adaptations Gordon, Akira and a sequel to Vampires Intimate.

Taïka Waititi is an excellent director and screenwriter, I have faith in him, but here it is still a Star Wars and unfortunately Disney uses this license. And it smells too much of the film, despite all the goodwill of Waititi

August 14, 2021

Glad to have waited to see Mandalorian in legitimate 4k HDR atmos for the best Star Wars stuff since video battles. Season 2 more flavored than any new movie, even Taika Waititi.

May 9, 2020

The next Taika Waititi projects.

• What if …? (2021)
• The suicide squad (2021)
• Free Guy (2021)
• Reservation dogs (2021)
• Next goal wins (TBD)
• Thor: love and thunder (2022)
• Star Wars film (TBD 2025)
• Flash Gordon Film (TBD) pic.twitter.com/GFJPmuFje0

July 31, 2021

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