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“Taboo”: See now the first trailer for the new show by Bruno Nogueira

“Taboo”: See now the first trailer for the new show by Bruno Nogueira

Premieres soon on SIC, but there’s no confirmed date yet. It will focus on socially sensitive issues.

Bruno Nogueira is responsible for the program.

Bruno Nogueira’s long-awaited new program for SIC is called “Tabu” and will start soon, as the television station announced in January. What is new is that the first pictures were published this Thursday, February 10th.

“For each show, a group of people who have or live in a condition considered sensitive, vulnerable, or allegedly prohibited to laughter, such as a physical disability, racism, obesity, or mental illness,” the statement reads Description published by SIC.

“Bruno Nogueira will live with each group for a week, listening to their stories, understanding how they integrate, how they are viewed and the obstacles they face. Then you make them and their stories the protagonists of a limitless stand-up show. An inspiring show that combines emotion and comedy, proving that humor is for everyone.”

SIC adds: “Browsing with freedom the boundaries of what is traditionally forbidden in the practice of humour, Bruno Nogueira will explore the idea that the most sensitive subjects can be tackled without fear or humility, in an exercise that promises to be liberating . for the participants, spectators and for the comedian himself”.

Read NiT’s article on ‘Taboo’ which is a successful international format. Bruno Nogueira’s last show for SIC was “Principio, Meio e Fim” which premiered in early 2021.


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