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Suspicion of terrorism in Switzerland: knife attack in department store | Free press

An attack in the department store brings the Swiss police to the scene. An attacker is out with a knife. She is arrested. The police start a terrorist investigation.

Lugano (AP) – A woman with possible sympathy for the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia attacked two women in a department store with a knife in Switzerland. She has been arrested, the police reported on Tuesday.

Police say one of the victims was serious but not life-threatening and one was slightly injured.

The attack took place in Lugano in the canton of Ticino in the afternoon. Police say the perpetrator is a 28-year-old Swiss woman living in the Lugano region.

Police are following evidence that the woman has expressed sympathy for the IS terrorist militia, reporters from an evening press conference in Lugano reported. According to the police commander of the canton of Ticino, Matteo Cocchi, she was known to the police.

The federal prosecutor’s office has started an investigation. It was a “suspected terrorist attack,” as federal police announced to Fedpol.


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