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Survey: Two-thirds against holidays in corona-risk areas | free press

Currently, 122 countries are considered to be corona risk areas. Yet thousands plan their holidays in countries such as Spain, Portugal or Cyprus.

Berlin (dpa) – Two-thirds of Germans do not think it is responsible to go on holiday in a region designated by the federal government as a corona risk area, such as Spain.

In a survey conducted by the opinion polling institute YouGov on behalf of the German news agency, 67 percent rejected tourist trips to such areas. Only 25 percent said they find holidays in risk areas acceptable. 8 percent gave no information.

Many holiday regions risk areas

The federal government currently has 122 countries that fall wholly or partially into one of three corona risk categories. Holiday regions such as Spain and Turkey are among the easy risk areas. Portugal and Cyprus are even classified as areas with a high incidence and a particularly high number of infections. Returnees from these two countries who have not been fully vaccinated or recovered must be quarantined for 5 to 10 days.

Those returning from the 11 countries with a high spread of particularly dangerous virus variant areas outside Europe are even required to quarantine for 14 days. This includes those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Majority for quarantine obligations

According to YouGov survey, a large majority of 73 percent support quarantine obligations. 39 are to keep them as they are. Another 34 percent are even in favor of tightening. Only 22 percent are in favor of easing or abolishing the quarantine requirement.

The federal government has already relaxed travel restrictions for holidaymakers and is already planning further simplifications. The risk areas category, which currently includes 82 countries, may have to be scrapped by August 1 with a new admission regime.

Lauterbach warns unvaccinated people

SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach warned the unvaccinated against holiday travel. “Travel is a risk in these times, especially for the unvaccinated,” he told the Funke media group newspapers. He understands when people feel like going on vacation. “In the autumn we will have significantly more cases. That’s how it would have gone, but traveling will speed it up a bit.” Lauterbach expects a two-class situation in the autumn: “The vaccinated people are relatively safe here. There, the unvaccinated will take a big risk.”


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