Surprise, the most streamed TV series in the US isn’t what you think

The ranking of the most watched streaming series in the US has just fallen. And it happens on Netflix.

New blood and hoes

2020 was a year of serial broadcasts via streaming services. Containment has a lot to do with it, as does the surge in increasingly colossal gains from platforms. Netflix posted net income of $ 790 million in the third quarter of 2020, an 18% increase over a year.

There were nice surprises this year. The Lady’s Game, which kicked off the game of chess and partially revealed actress Anya Taylor-Joy, was critically acclaimed and viewed by 62 million users on Netflix in its first 28 days. Just like The Chronicles Of Bridgerton and its 63 million users for the first 28 days (figures reported by Netflix).

I started #Bridgerton. A mix of Pride and Prejudice and Gossip Girl pretty good … ud83d ude0a And the soundtrack is great!

January 13, 2021

On the Amazon Prime side, everyone was waiting for the second season of The Boys and Disney + that of The Mandalorian, which has undoubtedly reached a milestone this year. The series is, for some, the best that has happened to the Star Wars galaxy since the preliminary round, if not more. It was voted the Most Pirated 2020 series ahead of The Boys.

Nostalgia for work?

Original productions in ruins, which should become more and more faithful. Despite this 2020 vintage, it is an old series from 2005 that wins the palm of the most-watched series in streaming across the Atlantic this year.

Your name The office. The nine-season sitcom was watched on Netflix US for over 57 billion minutes. Behind is Grey’s Anatomy, also on Netflix, with a broadcast time of 39.4 billion minutes. Social relationships at work are popular with our American neighbors. In the original series, Ozark comes first, followed by Lucifer, The Crown and Tiger King. The Mandalorian ranks 5th and is the only non-Netflix series in the ranking. The hegemony is still there for the California company Los Gatos. Ironically, The Office left the catalog on January 1 to migrate to NBCUniversal’s newcomer Peacock.

#TheOffice most streamed series of 2020, the year of teleworking ud83e udd23

January 12, 2021

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