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Surprise: The final season of “The Sinner” is now on Netflix

Surprise: The final season of “The Sinner” is now on Netflix

As always, there’s a new mystery to solve, but with the same detective, Harry Ambrose. There are 8 episodes.

Harry Ambrose is back.

The fourth and final season of The Sinner premiered in October in the US. As usual, it arrived on Netflix in Portugal a few months later – and with no ads. You can watch the eight new episodes starting this Wednesday, January 26th.

In this anthology series, where each season tells a different story, the only character who ties it all together is Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). He is always at the center of the story and tries to solve a dark secret. Here the question is never “who” committed a crime, but “why”.

This time the narrative returns to follow Ambrose, who is now reformed but continues to deal with the pivotal events of season three. The protagonist travels to the island of Hanover in Maine with his partner Sonya to relax and unwind during a vacation.

Then an unexpected tragedy strikes involving the daughter of one of the island’s most important families, the Muldoons. Ambrose is recruited to help with the investigation, which quickly turns into another mystery that promises to consume him.

As always, there are several new characters and a cast of their own. Alice Kremelberg was the first actress to be announced. She will play Percy Muldoon, a charismatic and tough young woman who has managed to make a name for herself in the male lobster fishing world. A tragic event changes his life completely.

Michael Mosley will play Colin Muldoon, a badass lobster expert who is the devoted son of matriarch Meg Muldoon. Colin is Percy’s uncle and will do anything to protect the family. The role of Meg belongs to Frances Fisher.

Other characters include Stephanie Lam (Cindy Cheung), a protective mother of her son who becomes embroiled in a mystery; and Mike Lam (Ronin Wong), Stephanie’s husband, who has been running a restaurant for a number of years but doesn’t feel welcome on the island.

Neal Huff plays another lobsterman who works in the family business, and David Huynh is Stephanie and Mike’s son, CJ Lam, who wants to support his parents but also has a life of his own on the mainland.

Jessica Biel, the protagonist of the first story, remains with the project as a producer. And his role garnered critical acclaim from one of Season 3’s leads, Matt Bomer. “She is phenomenal. I’ve always said that there should be The Sinner support group for anyone who has to play the sinner [‘sinner’, em inglês] because you can’t really understand that if you don’t have it. It is so dark. AND [Jessica Biel] She’s always been there for me, she’s a great boss,” she said in statements to Variety magazine.

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