Supergirl, Kid Flash, Lockheed … here are the 9 most powerful sidekicks from Marvel and DC


Sidekicks or acolytes and superheroes go hand in hand in comics. Marvel and DC both made some of the greatest pals of all time, which makes them an integral part of their universes. The acolytes often represent the new generation of superheroes, young people ready to quarrel. And so often the heroes have more experience, the acolytes sometimes turn out to be more powerful than their mentor. Whether because of their superpowers or their abilities, these relationships are no less interesting, because the hero has to shape someone who is stronger than him. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of sidekicks through the various universes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

9) Lockheed

Many superheroes have animal buddies to help them when the going gets tough, like Lockjaw (also known as the Golden Maw in our house), Crystal’s giant dog from the Inhuman royal family. We can also think of crypto, Superman’s dog at DC. But Lockheed is certainly one of the most famous animal companions, as it is nothing less than a dragon. It was Kitty Pryde, a mutated member of the X-Men, who found him on a mission and connected with him. And while she and Lockheed can’t speak directly to each other, the dragon helps her mutated friend whenever she needs him. Lockheed makes great pets, and not just because they can spit fire.

8) Groot

It’s easy to forget that Groot is technically the sidekick of Rocket Raccoon, so much attention is drawn to him. But Groot is possibly one of the most underrated and powerful sidekicks in the Marvel Comics universe. He’s a lot smarter than people think (despite his rather limited vocabulary), but it’s mostly his strength that makes him a powerful ally to rely on. Additionally, Groot’s determination to protect loved ones, along with his ability to survive battles that would kill many more, makes him a very powerful character.

7) Viv Vision

Despite being significantly weakened with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character from Vision in the comics is one of the most formidable superheroes. And her daughter Viv clearly takes care of her father. She is able to do exactly what her father does and therefore possesses the same powers including super strength, ability to change her harshness, projections, etc. Even if Viv is not entirely at her father’s vision level, Viv is she is still young and still has time to develop her full potential, especially since she is already one of the most powerful heroes of her generation.

6) Child lightning

For too long fans have mistaken Barry Allen’s version of The Flash for the fastest man in the world, when in reality they are the different versions of Kid Flash, starting of course with Wally West, Barry’s nephew. If Flash is one of the first to open up access to Speed ​​Force (aka Force Véloce), it is Kid Flash and his various incarnations who best appropriated it. The Swift Force combined with their knowledge of science and physics enabled them to step up their performance and reach a much higher level than the original Speedsters.

5) Garth

Also known as Aqualad, he will debut in the DC Universe alongside Aquaman. And if many sidekicks have gotten much more powerful over the years, the Atlantean is a perfect example of that. After starting out as Aqualad, he was simply the teenage version of his mentor. However, after a few years he began to learn the magic of the Atlanteans. And although he was never as physically strong as Aquaman, his magical powers then gave him a wide range of techniques. As an adult, Aqualad changed his name to Tempest, who has since been considered one of the toughest defenders of Atlantis and one of the most powerful members of the Titans.

4) Wonder girl

A couple of heroines fought alongside Wonder Woman under the mask of Wonder Girl. If the first was Princess Diana, the second was Donna Troy, a powerful Amazon warrior who was also a founding member of the Teen Titans. The third Wonder Girl is Cassie Sandsmark, and it was recently discovered that the latter was actually Zeus’ granddaughter. It therefore remains to be clarified how far the not yet fully tested powers of the young demigoddess are.

3) Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain is the fourth Batgirl, and likely the one who redefined the character’s role. Considered one of the best martial artists of her time, she is one of the toughest Batgirls and one of the most capable members of the Bat family. She could easily have beaten Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl and even given Batman the lead in pure hand-to-hand combat. Despite having communication difficulties due to his father’s terrible upbringing, this handicap is still largely offset by his innate ability to read people’s body language. Add in that exceptional physical condition and training he received throughout his youth and you have one of the strongest incarnations of Batgirl.

2) Alpha

First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man # 692 in 2012, Alpha, real name Andrew Maguire, had an accident more or less similar to Peter Parker while visiting the Horizon Labs laboratory and his visit from the Peter in question was provided. In this way he received the ability to channel cosmic energy, thereby endowing him with incredible superpowers. Since the accident happened in the presence of Peter, his alter ego Spider-Man decided to become his mentor. And if our Web Head is a formidable hero, then his skills do not have the offensive power of the forces of Alpha, who is able, for example, to fly, fire explosions of energy and create fields of fire. Most notably when Spider-Man calls on him to help the Avengers fight Terminus, we see the devastating potential of Alpha’s abilities after he risked the lives of many innocent people after his reckless use of his powers.

1) Superboy and Supergirl

Some of the strongest characters in the DC Universe are obviously survivors of the planet Krypton, like Superman. And while both versions of Superboy are half-Kryptonian and half-human, Jon Kent has shown abilities commensurate with Superman’s phenomenal strength, more so than his older “brother” Conner. Because Conner Kent (aka Kon-El) is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor and therefore not as powerful as the originals. He was therefore endowed with several skills aimed at reproducing those of Superman in order to match him without being completely successful. Conversely, Supergirl (aka Kara Zor-El), a thoroughbred Kryptonian who has absorbed yellow sunlight for years, is on par with Superman in terms of her potency.

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