Super promo for this ultra-rugged 4TB external hard drive

Lacie is a well-known brand in the storage world and the latter created the Rugged Mini, a rugged external hard drive that you can take anywhere without worrying about losing your data.

Lacie Rugged Mini: an external hard drive that is not afraid of anything

The Lacie Rugged Mini that we are now offering for sale has a capacity of 4 TB, so you have plenty of storage space to store your data. And as a bonus, you can enable the default password feature to make sure no one digs into it without your consent.

In terms of connectivity, this external hard drive is USB 3.0 compatible, but also backwards compatible with the 2.0 standard if you have an old device. In addition, it can also work well on the various operating systems on the market (Windows, Mac, Linux) as long as it is formatted the way it should.

The specialty of the Lacie Rugged Mini is that it is housed in an extremely resistant housing, as it is not afraid of bumps, rain or pressure.

In terms of price, it was 169.99 euros, but for once it is 139.99 euros, a good deal considering the capacity of the latter.

And for a powerful ultra-portable PC, this is done HERE.

3 good reasons to order it

Large storage capacity USB 3.0 and multi-OS compatibility Robust housing

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