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Super promo for this bundle with a 1TB external SSD and a 64GB microSD card

SSDs have been invited into external boxes so that users can benefit from their high speed for data transfer. With this type of external storage, you no longer have to wait several minutes to copy and paste a file, it happens in seconds. With the bundle that includes the 1TB Samsung T7, you also have a 64GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD card.

Samsung T7: Lightning fast

Samsung specializes in many areas, including data storage. With the T7 you get a solid state drive with a capacity of 1 TB, which gives you plenty of space to store all the files you want. You can also easily take it with you as it is very compact (credit card size) and fits in your pocket.

In terms of speed, Samsung announces the following. It’s twice as fast as the previous Samsung T5, which also benefits from a price drop. It also offers a password security system encrypted with AES 256-bit protocol.

Sequential Read: Up to 1000MB/s Sequential Write: Up to 1050MB/s

Note that you can also connect it to a console, SmartTV or internet box via its USB 3.2 port

It is also very robust with its aluminum housing, which can withstand a fall from a height of up to 2 meters.

In this Samsung bundle, which currently costs €119.99 instead of €149.99, we also have a 64GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD card as a bonus.

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