Sub-Zero actor teases the arrival of the fan-loved character

Last month, the new Mortal Kombat movie unveiled its first trailer, Gore At Will. The first calming images for this new start of the film from 1995. There you will find the important characters of the saga, but also a character adored by the fans if you think you are annoying one of the actors in the film.

towards the appearance of a character adored by fans?

In 2019, the American website Collider was able to visit the set of the film Mortal Kombat to discover the background, but also to conduct several interviews. We had to wait a bit for this paper to be published as it cannot be discovered until early March. The opportunity for license fans to learn more about Simon McQuoid’s film. And if we want to believe that Joe Taslim, the interpreter of Bi-Han, aka Sub-Zero, could be a character adored by fans.

Indeed, if we believe the Indonesian actor, it is possible that the character of Noob Saibot is in the game. In the series, Bi-Han is killed during the events in the first game before he is brought back to life as a noob Saibot. The role of Sub-Zero then passed to his brother Kuai Liang. But in this Mortal Kombat movie, Taslim will play the first Sub-Zero who could find death before he is brought back to life. “It’s no secret that Quan Chi Bi-Hans used humanity to turn him into Noob Saibot.” Taslim explains Collider.

Noob Saibot’s name is nothing more than the backward contraction of the names of the saga’s two creators: Ed Boon and John Tobias. This all-black clad character was brought back to life by the necromancer Quan-Chi and was one of the non-playable characters in Mortal Kombat II, where he first appeared. Additionally, Taslim stated that much of his take on Sub-Zero lies in the balance between the character’s humanity and his more vicious, “completely dark” side. It’s interesting how Taslim describes his role in the film.

And for good reason, if the character of Sub-Zero follows the narrative of the first game, Bi-Han will have to find death against Scorpion during the tournament. And that’s a good thing, Scorpio is really in the game. It’s possible, therefore, for Bi-Han to come back to life towards the end of the movie or even in a post-credits scene, teasing a sequel in the process. After Kuai Liang took over the costume, he was able to take the direction of the Nether Empire to find his big brother there. However, since nothing has been confirmed yet, we will have to wait for the film to be released to find out if it has been confirmed or not. A movie slated for home on April 7th in case theaters reopen.

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