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Stuttgart chooses new top of the town hall | Free press

Stuttgart (dpa) – High voltage on the Neckar: a new mayor will be elected next Sunday in Stuttgart in the second attempt.

The favorite to succeed the outgoing Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn (Greens) is Backnang’s Lord Mayor Frank Nopper of the CDU, but the independent candidate Marian Schreier will also have opportunities. As an outsider, Hannes Rockenbauch, Stuttgart city councilor, of the SÖS / Linke faction hopes for success. The incumbent Kuhn (65), after eight years at the top of the town hall, will waive a new possible term of office and will retire in early January.

A total of 450,000 eligible voters can vote. An election result is expected at 8.30 pm. Since it is the second choice, a simple majority of the valid votes decides. There are no classic second elections for mayoral elections in Baden-Württemberg.

A few days before the election, a poll showed that Noppers had been successful, but the poll also left open the possibility of a surprise victory. In the University of Hohenheim survey, 40 to 47 percent of voters who have already made a decision or voted by letter said they would vote for Nopper. He had already received the most votes in the first vote. Schreier, who is mayor of Tengen, comes out as an independent candidate with SPD party membership at 31 to 38 percent. City councilor Rockenbauch was 17 to 23 percent in the survey.

Regardless of the election results, Stuttgart opens a new chapter. As the metropolis has hitherto been regarded as a city with a strong green electorate, the Greens form the largest parliamentary faction in the city council, the district president belongs to the party, and all four direct mandates for the state parliament in the city went to the Greens . At least at the top of the town hall, that is about to change. As the Greens OB candidate is no longer on the ballot paper: after a disappointing first-round performance and failed talks with the other applicants from the center-left camp, the eco party’s representative, Veronika Kienzle, withdrew her candidacy .

The election will again take place under strict corona conditions. Among other things, an everyday mask must be worn in election buildings and polling stations. In addition, voters must keep a minimum distance of 1.50 meters from other people. There will be no election party for the winner, after the results have been announced, the new mayor will only be received in small groups by the incumbent mayor in the town hall.


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