Students can now take private lessons between two X-Videos

Pornographic sites are one of the most visited sites on the internet. Websites that manage to compete with big names like Amazon, Instagram or Twitter. Billions of visits per month, enough to make the less tech-savvy dizzy. However, adult websites can also offer pleasures that are less volatile than their original concept, through private tuition for students.

Private lessons for students

On Pornhub, Xvideos, or even Xnxx, the king’s content is nothing but pornographic video. Different categories ensure that all content is sorted there and then prompt users to go different directions based on their preferences. Only on Pornhub is it possible to find videos that are very different from the usual content. And for good reason, especially where pirates share films that have just been released in cinemas, in order to avoid copyright deletions.

There is also a Taiwanese math teacher on Pornhub who shares their knowledge with those who want to listen to them. A certain Changshu who took refuge on Pornhub to influence as many internet users as possible:

“Since very few people teach math on adult video platforms, and since a lot of people watch videos on those platforms, I thought that if I put my videos there, a lot of people would see them.”

Pornhub isn’t the only platform the math teacher has tried to post his videos on. Problem: Sites like Xvideos are not that revealing about the content available on their site. Therefore, the private lessons known as changshumaths666 only offer on Pornhub:

“People may not be interested in my videos, but they all know that there is a teacher out there who teaches math on an adult video platform.” he told Mel Magazine.

And with almost 1.6 million views, her channel is still popular. The main goal of Changshu is to get as well known as possible and invite those interested to subscribe to their online courses. An activity with which he would still earn $ 250,000 a year, a sum with which he initially paid his employees and produced his videos. Changshu can also be found on more accessible platforms like YouTube.

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