Stronger than Thanos, this character will play a key role in the MCU

As Phase 4 of the MCU begins, a new volley of superheroes emerges, with intent to raise the standards of power even further. Among them is one who could succeed and establish himself as an overwhelmed being in the future. Warning, the following contains spoilers for the movie The Eternals. If you don’t want to read it, we encourage you to go your own way.

The MCU revival

The MCU has been undergoing a major overhaul since the events of Engame that marked the end of Phase 3. Characters like Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange act more than just substitutes as they represent a new generation of superheroes and take the lead.

Additionally, the release of The Eternals brings the arrival of a new volley of characters that will dramatically expand the Marvel Universe and that will be counted on for years to come. The first major recording of Phase 4, The Eternals, introduces us to a race of superman, immortal beings with cosmic power who have lived on our earth for thousands of years. They were created by the Heavenly, even more powerful beings. But an unforeseen tragedy forces them to emerge from the shadows and reunite in the face of mankind’s oldest enemy, the deviants.

Among their ranks is Gilgamesh, of insane physical strength, who is considered to be the most powerful member of the group. Let’s also mention Sersi, who has the power to manipulate matter. The film, which was viewed by the American press, has not yet convinced, despite Zhao’s work behind the camera and a story that is still pleasant to follow.

/! Warning, the following contains spoilers for the movie The Eternals /!

A redefinition of the performance barometer?

A few days ago, one of the post-credits scenes for the upcoming Marvel was leaked, intrigued, and suggested, according to a Variety editor, that actor Harry Styles (Dunkirk) would play Eros, Thanos’ brother and would play a major role in the future on the MCU . Who is Eros? Thanos’ brother, also known as Starfox in the comics, therefore has skills similar to the Eternals and was part of both their team and that of the Avengers. A versatility that could make him one of the most powerful characters of the future.

Especially since these powers are not left out. His body filters cosmic energy, which greatly increases its lifespan. He also possesses the abilities of a basic Eternal, namely superhuman invulnerability, incredible strength, healing abilities and the power to fly. It can also establish psychological control over the emotions of others. It can stimulate certain emotions in someone’s brain, such as joy, calm, or empathy, which helps to relieve tension. Better still, win your case through peace.

Eros therefore seems to be a very complete superhero thanks to his strength, his invulnerability, his ability to “hypnotize”, to fly or even his cosmic powers. Thanks to his versatility and sheer strength, he was able to redefine the power barometer of the Marvel universe.

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