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Streaming services and applications available from launch

On November 19th, players can finally get the PS5 and discover the promising interface of the console in detail. Yesterday, during the day, new information was made available on the console’s official website that will allow us to imagine in more detail how players can navigate between the services and different applications of the PS5. Let’s take stock right away.

Streaming services

The PS5’s user interface is much debated less than a month before the console is officially launched. On October 15, 2020, Sony released a video, which can be found below, which will allow future gamers to see the interface available to them.

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The great novelty of this interface is the arrival of activities. These allow players to discover their progress towards a level, unlock a secret, and in some cases even teleport to the location named by the activity for an optimized solution. The PS5’s user interface also has a streaming services tab, the Media tab, and the latter is of particular interest to us today.

“A little PS5 & chill break?”

In a blog post from October 22, 2020, the PS5 team explains:

We know a lot of you don’t just use your PlayStation console to play games. Entertainment content such as movies, TV shows and live game streams add to the PlayStation experience.

Here is the list of streaming applications and services PS5 players can take advantage of after switching to the Media tab:

Apple TVDisney + MyCanalNetflixSpotifyTwitchYouTube: The service is built right into the PS5, so you can share game clips right on your YouTube channel.

The remote control is an important tool for this type of service

At startup, the PS5 is accompanied by a multimedia remote control that makes navigation easier. Several built-in controls save players time, e.g. B. active play or pause mode, fast forward and rewind.

The PlayStation website states:

This remote control also adjusts the volume and power settings of compatible TVs and has dedicated buttons to launch the following entertainment applications *: Disney + Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

It seems that Sony has primarily focused on more fluid navigation to make things easier for gamers.


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